Modern Day Definitions For Perfume Concentrations

I will demystify the perfume industry terminology by giving you an easy guide to perfume concentrations. Like most users, we get completely overwhelmed when at the perfume counter with the slick salesperson; however, most have only been trained in one variety of scent the one they are trying to sell you. This is not their fault; however, as we all know it is quite frustrating for us the perfume devotees who want more information, on what it is made of and how long it will last.

Perfumes all start with the original aromatic compound made up of various essential oils and natural ingredients, we hope, using not too many synthetic substitutes, today. The perfume types below explain how much of the aromatic compound is diluted in with the water or ethanol (alcohol) to make up these different perfume categories.

Definitions of the various perfume make my scent singapore types and the concentration does vary between perfume makers, however, this should be taken as an easy guide for the everyday user to understand:-

· Perfume extracts contains 15-40% of the aromatic compound; typically around 20%. Scent last approximately 8 to 12 hours
· Eau de Parfum/Parfum de Toilette (EDP) typically contains around 15% of the aromatic compound. Scent lasts approximately 6 – 8 hours
· Eau to Toilette (EDT), the most common perfume description/type sold contains about 10-15% aromatic compound. Scent lasts approximately 4 – 6 hours
· Eau de Cologne (EDC), average about 5% of aromatic compound. Initially very refreshing but will wear off quickly. Great for application after a shower.
· After Shave, and Splash Colognes only contain about 1-3% aromatic compound. Initially quite refreshing but will wear off very quickly.

It is interesting that most people think that after shaves and men’s cologne is the same thing, and usually thinks these are stronger than the male EDT Eau de Toilette. In fact, the EDT will outlast both the after shave and the cologne fragrance over time after the original application. The length of time the perfume scent lasts is equated to the strength of the aromatic compound base in the perfume. Obviously each perfume house has their own secret formulas but the above will serve as an easy everyday guide for us mere perfume lovers to understand.

You might even find you now know more than most the sales persons who try to sell you perfumes. A lot of perfume houses will have one name for a scent, but it may come in different strengths going by the above descriptions, size of the bottle has nothing to do with the strength or dilution of the aromatic compound, so don’t be fooled by size.