Introduction to the Mystic Science of the Cards of Destiny

The card science (cards of destiny) that we are talking about here can be useful to you, whether you are just a housewife, an employee, or whether you run a large enterprise or corporation. In this lesson I will give you a basic understanding of how this amazing system works.

To give you some background about this science, I first need to say that this is the knowledge that our common deck of cards was created for. Until just recently no one really knew that our common deck of cards had any significance. This information was kept secret for thousands of years by a special group known as The Order of the Magi. They were instructed to keep this information secret while the earth went through some very dark ages, spiritually speaking. This science was finally brought to light for the first time in 1894 when the first book was published (The Mystic Test Book). And even to this day, most people have not heard about it. This means that you can be among some of the first people to take advantage of this ‘most sacred science.’

In ancient times, man discovered after paying careful attention, that each year was comprised of approximately 365 days. They also noticed that there were five ‘stars’ in the sky that did not twinkle. Another thing they noticed was that these five special stars moved differently than the other stars in the sky. They seemed to have much more movement against the background of other stars. They deemed these special bodies ‘Gods’ because of their uniqueness. They also took note that this number five was connected to their five fingers on each hand and the five holes in their face. They then combined these five ‘Gods’ with the Sun and Moon to make a total 온라인 홀덤 of seven. They noticed this corresponded to the seven holes found in their heads. And using these seven ‘Gods’ they assigned one to each day in seven day cycles that we now call a week. They also noticed that a year was comprised of 52 of these weeks and that when you took the numbers 5 and 2 and added them together, you got another seven. All was well. And today we find our seven days of the week each named after one of these ancient ‘Gods’ that we call planets.

At some point a deck of cards was created to symbolize this earth cycle that we call a year. 52 cards were created for the weeks with an additional card, what we now call the Joker, that represented that left over day and 1/4 that we get when we subtract 364 from 365.25. The 52 main cards each governed a week in the year and there were four suits to symbolize the four seasons. The 13 cards in each suit corresponded to the 13 lunar cycles each year (13 full Moons!). The cards were predominantly either red for day or black for night. And each card was assigned a ‘spot value’ from one (Ace) to thirteen (King). When every card in the deck had their spot values added together, it came to exactly 365.25, which included the Joker’s 1.25. Later these same ancient mystics discovered that every day of the year was governed by one of the 53 symbols. A formula became apparent as to how each day’s card was assigned. Now they had a symbol for each day of the year and they soon realized that the symbol itself told much about any individuals born on that day (birth astrology). At the same time that astrology was being refined, the science of the cards of destiny also held fascination.

Now we have what is sometimes called the ‘little book’ that is the calendar of the earth in symbolic form. And we have discovered that much more can be divined from this little book. Among the things we know now are:

1. The personality and personal fate of each birthday of the year (birthday astrology).
2. What unique gifts and abilities each birthday of the year bestows upon people born then.
3. When important life events will transpire for any individual.
4. What each year and month holds for every individual based upon their birthday.
5. How each birthday tends to behave in the area of relationship, marriage and sex.
6. How any two birthdays combine to form a relationship and exactly what their relationship will be like.