Spa Parties – Pamper Your Body and Shop at Home All at Once

Spa parties are not a new idea, but the trend is more popular in recent years. As technology improves, companies are offering spa quality products to smooth your skin and pamper your body while you shop at home in a relaxing and fun “party” setting.

The idea is simple, and most are based on the direct selling, party plan model. An independent consultant arrives at your home, sets up her “shop” and presents a short product demo that includes slathering your body’s skin with naturally inspired beauty and skin care from a company with a track record for excellence. Women with tired, achy feet are encouraged to soak them in tubs of warm water infused with products called “cooling peppermint foot soak” or “plunge and purify bath soak”. Tired tootsies are truyền nước tại nhà refreshed and softened – much like the ladies themselves.

Most of the time, the products are far superior to anything you can buy in a retail outlet. Sure, you can get a tub of body butter at your local Wal-Mart, but the consistency and ingredients of the product are generally of a lesser quality than the body products you can shop for at home parties. Plus, many of these companies are using botanicals, natural ingredients and even rare herbs and oils to further bolster the effectiveness of the product. With the green craze in full swing, more consumers are looking for products that are good for their body, with more natural ingredients, and fewer additives, preservatives and chemicals.

In recent years, some of the biggest manufacturers of skin, hair and makeup products have established home party channels from which their clients can continue to shop. In fact, companies like Avon, which started as a direct selling company, have added stores in malls, as well as “in home” type sales presentations to their arsenal in recent years in an effort to “reach customers where they are”. With the rising transportation and fuel costs, the in home party plan consultants are actually noting an increase in business, because people would rather “shop from their seat, instead of their feet” saving time, gas, and money in the process. One “shop at home” body care company projects that independent consultant sales will eclipse their retail store sales in the next 3-6 years. The convenience, comfort and value of attending a spa party at home is gaining more mainstream recognition, as women that have attended parties begin to rave about the products, the pampering and the fun with friends.