We Are Starstuff In A Type-42 Universe

Life exists. We exist. Where did we come from and what made us? Is it all a cosmic accident? Is it by design? Is our Universe a finely-tuned Universe, a Type-42 Universe that allows for life, as well as the Universe and everything? What cosmic steps are necessary for us to exist and is the answer ultimately summed up by the phrase “we are starstuff”?


We exist in a Type-42 Universe – an apparently designed and fine-tuned Universe. Why is this so?

Theists have a universal catch-all explanation – God did it using His Type-42 creation mix.

Scientists have a universal catch-all explanation – The Multiverse, at least one of which is a Type-42 Universe (our Universe).

I have two universal catch-all explanations – 1) Type-42 off-the-shelf software or 2) A custom-designed software labelled Type-42.

Everyone else has one of two universal catch-all explanations – 1) The dealt hand; the shuffled deck; the roll of the dice. It’s all pure chance. After all, some number has to come up and it happens Synapse xt to be 42, or 2) Necessity. Multiverse or no Multiverse; God or no God, there is one and only possible set of laws, principles and relationships that can construct and determine a universe. Every universe – assuming a Multiverse – is a Type-42 universe; every card in the deck is numbered 42; every roll of the dice rolls a 42; every creation mix packet in God’s pantry is a Type-42 creation mix packet. Even God had no choice but to create a Type-42 Universe, the Universe we find our existence confined to.

Still, we exist in a Type-42 Universe – an apparently designed and fine-tuned Universe. Why is this so? Is this in fact so? Most of the Universe isn’t exactly home-sweet-home to life of any kind.

If 99.99999% of all the Universe is relatively hostile to life-as-we-know-it (near perfect vacuum, extreme radiation levels, lack of liquid water, extremely high stellar and near absolute low temperatures of outer space, etc.) does that mean that the Universe isn’t finely-tuned for life? No, if the Universe wasn’t fine-tuned to allow for the emergence of life, there would be no life. Even if one tiny, tiny, tiny pocket of the Universe has life, then that tiny pocket has finely-tuned laws, relationships and principles that allowed for that emergence of that life to have taken place.

I’ve actually viewed one argument that even Planet Earth isn’t really fine-tuned for life because there are numerous places that we can’t survive and thrive right on our home planet. Of course the unstated and thus extreme fallacy here was that it was HUMAN life this person was referring to. We can’t survive in our birthday suits in the Antarctic, but some life forms can. We can’t exist for very long treading water in the middle of the ocean, but thousands of other life forms can. We couldn’t tolerate really hot springs but some life forms can. We couldn’t survive and thrive inside of a nuclear reactor, but some hardy microbes can. So, when looked at all life forms here on Planet Earth collectively, it alters the fine-tuning argument considerably. That said, the bulk of Planet Earth, the interior of Planet Earth, say anything underneath several miles of crust, is devoid of life of any kind. So most of Earth is hostile to life, but some parts aren’t, and as long as finely-tuned pockets of biosphere exist, Earth is fine-tuned for life.