Selecting the Right Cherry Juice for You

More and more people who suffer from arthritis, gout, or insomnia are drinking concentrated tart cherry juice as an alternative to traditional medications. In line with this, many companies have been coming out with their own varieties of juice products. The problem comes along when you are trying to choose what type of juice is right for you with so many products available. When choosing tart cherry juice concentrate, you have to consider five main factors. These are type of cherry, taste, quality, sediment free guarantees, and packaging.

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Type of Cherry

Research has been done on all varieties of cherries and it has been found that the Montmorency tart cherries had the most powerful effects on joint pain caused by arthritis and count. Others, such as the Balaton, Rainer, and black cherry also were shown to ease pain, but not as well as the Montmorency. Among the different types of cherry trái cherry, Montmorency is also the most expensive.

Taste of Cherry Juice

Obviously if you are going to be drinking this juice, taste is very important. The juice comes in aluminum cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles. Among these, consumers seem to prefer juice from glass bottles rather than aluminum cans or plastic bottles. Most consumers reported that the tart cherry juice tasted fresher from the glass bottles. The main reason for this may be that glass is not prone to leaching, which results when the product absorbs plastic molecules from inside plastic bottles.

Quality of Juice

Not all cherry juice products are exactly the same. When you are looking for quality concentrated tart cherry juice, you should look at something called the brix level. This is the percentage of sugar content in the juice. High quality juice is usually at a level of about 68 brix. Lower brix levels usually point to lower quality juice.

Sediment Free Guarantee

When a product is sediment free this means you will not see any particles at the bottom of the container. This is a concern with juice from cherries. You should look for products that do not have any sediment at the bottom of the container. The presence of sediments points towards a lower quality juice.

Juice Packaging

Cherry juice can be packaged while hot or cold. If it is packaged cold it will need to stay refrigerated until you are ready to drink. These are usually the types found in the cold section of the store. Hot packed cherry juice doesn’t need refrigeration until the package has been opened.

There are many health benefits to enjoy even when eating whole cherries, though concentrated tart cherry juice will have the most noticeable effects. This is because it has the highest oxygen radical absorbency capacity, or ORAC, at 12.800 while dried cherries have an ORAC of 6,800. You can find many varieties of concentrated juice on the market. These juices can be drank right out of the bottle, mixed in a smoothie, or even added to sparkling water for a great soda substitute.