Practice Building: Create a Powerful and Targeted Call to Action for Your Prospects

A “Call To Action” is an invitation for your prospective clients to actively engage you in some way- directly or indirectly.

Most prospective clients, even if they are very interested in working with you, often need a way to build a relationship with you in bite-sized pieces to work up to engaging your services.

Effective marketing will Always include a Specific, Easy, Targeted, Compelling, and usually Free, call to action.

Everything you send out can and should include a call to action; e-mails (in the signature line), web site, flyers, business card, advertising, announcements, newsletters, even the outgoing greeting of your voicemail system.

Three Types of Calls To Action


-Please forward to your interested colleagues

-Your feedback would be appreciated!

-Please reply and let me know what you think

-If you find this valuable, please pass it on to steel bite pro someone you care about

Provide Value

-For free e-book

-To register for my free e-program…

-Visit my web site for

-To schedule a complimentary sample session

-For free assessment

-Subscribe to my free monthly newsletter

-Listen to free audio program

-For your free copy of “5 Steps To Success”

Toward Closing

-Register by… to qualify for early bird rate

-Bring a friend for 50% discount

-100% satisfaction guaranteed

-Let me show you how…

-For more information…

-Contact me and start your new life now!

When a prospect acts on any of the above, they are interacting with you and become a warmer lead.

The three types of calls to action have different purposes and timing, and your marketing efforts should include a combination.

What can you invite your prospective clients to do, what can you offer them, that they would be likely to act upon, that would build your relationship with them?