Alkaline Body Balance – How Essential is a Balanced pH in the Body?

Our body has to maintain a balanced pH for it to stay healthy and functional. The optimum pH range should be 7.3-7.4 and the pH values of different body organs and tissues fall within this range. Alkaline body balance must be obtained for a healthier lifestyle.

To be able to have a healthy body, the blood pH must be maintained within 7.36-7.44, and this is a very narrow range. The blood is able to supply oxygen better with this range. If it exceeds Blood balance over 7.44, the risk of getting illnesses and unwanted body condition are increased.

The pH is measured from the scale of 0 to 14. In a neutral solution, the pH is 7. The solution is said to be acidic if the pH is below 7. And if it is above 7, the pH is alkaline. Therefore, our blood must have an alkaline pH.

There are several ways on how our body reacts with the excess acidity or unbalanced pH. Our body has what we called buffers that neutralize the acid contents in the body. One example of this is the fat buffer system, which is LDL or low-density lipoprotein.

These fats bind acid from the lymph, blood and extracellular fluids. And the acids are excreted through urine. However, if there is too much acid deposited inside the body, the fat-bound acid will tend to be deposited into the thigh, stomach and hips resulting in obesity.

The other forms of buffer in the body are the salts. Salts such as magnesium, calcium and potassium neutralize excess acids. These are obtained from the tissues. However, if there is too much acid in the body, they neutralize even the muscles and bones. And this causes osteoporosis and other serious illnesses.

Lymphatic system is another kind of buffer system. Its function is to “clean house”, remove acid deposits and take away toxins from the tissues. And this functions by the movement of muscles.

Therefore, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, you will not be able to clean the system. The result is too much acidity. Hence, greater salts are being compromised which results in different illnesses.

These are among the buffer systems that we have in the body. Our body always strives to maintain a balanced pH. Since, the blood pH must be alkaline, the acid intake must be lowered and intake of high alkaline foods must be practiced. Alkaline body balance must be properly maintained.