Black Cashmere – The Ultimate in Sophisticated Elegance

Black is truly one color that exemplifies good taste, style and sophistication. Its versatility is such that you can wear it anywhere, except, perhaps to a wedding. Whether you are planning for a casual or smart look, black will always suit. Black clothing is able, no matter what the weather or occasion to provide its wearer with a sense of elegance. If you top this simple but effective look with a black cashmere scarf, you will always be able to achieve the perfect harmonization between comfort and flair.

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It is not surprising the “little black dress” is a staple for many women. It is able to be both practical and classy. You can wear it no matter what the weather or the circumstance. Daytime or evening, the little black dress proves its versatility time-after-time. Yet, you can disturb the simple elegance by piling on coats or wearing a jacket. In attempting to stay warm, the beauty of the clean lines is lost. If, however, you opt for a stunning, yet cozy black cashmere scarf, you can, as they say, reveal all black lives matter t-shirt.

Yet, this is not the only suitable ensemble with which to pair a black cashmere scarf. You can replace the black dress, matching stockings and high heels with a smart skirt or pant combination or even faded blue jeans topped by a strapless black T-shirt. This can uplift the outfit from comfortable but common to fashionable. Wearing a cashmere scarf wherever you go is one way to single you out as a woman of class and merit.

Black is a favorite among women for more than its classic associations. Black has a slimming affect upon the body. The addition of a black cashmere scarf to your wardrobe compounds the affect. You will emerge feeling as good as you already look.

Cashmere has a reputation of being one of the most comfortable of all natural materials. It is delightful to look at and to touch – the softness of the texture strokes the skin and pleases the eye. It is easy to carry being lightweight. While superbly rich in quality, cashmere scarves and shawls surprise with their strength and ability to warm. This is actually not surprising. The source of the fabric is goats living in the coldest of climates. The result – women who wear this finest of wool remain comfortably warm.

Keep this in mind. Whatever the event and whatever the weather throws at you, you are imperviously elegant and comfortable wearing a sophisticated and soft cashmere scarf. Add one to your wardrobe. You will soon realize how it is as indispensable as your simple black dress.