China Requires AQSIQ Registration for Import of Waste Materials!

China last year became the first country ever to import more than $1 billion of American scrap, according to the newspaper American Metal Market. The demand is so high that most scrap suppliers that sell to China are looking everywhere to grab up any materials available. Copper scrap exports to China, including Hong Kong, have quintupled since 1998, and China now accounts for 70 percent of the total. China’s purchases of American copper scrap last year were equal to about 40 percent of American consumption. -New York Times

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On of the biggest hurdles to selling scrap to China is the AQSIQ registration requirements. China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) Office requires all importers of scrap material to be registered 開荒牛.

The process is extremely time consuming, difficult, and costly. There is also the overall high rate of failure. All materials must be in Chinese and there is no support or assistance for non-Chinese speaking applicants. Many law firms will offer their assistance in translation and applying for AQSIQ registration but they lack the ISO experience to understand the requirements required from the AQSIQ offices and how to make sure they are satisfied. So even though the market is there and the demand is the highest it has ever been, some companies still find themselves unable to profit from the growing scrap market in China.

Agencies are available to assist companies who wish to submit their application for registration with AQSIQ offices. One company, Ejoy Quality Source USA, has an office in the USA and an office in China with certified Chinese ISO inspectors who can work with you to not only translate the required documents but suggest ways to satisfy the strict requirements for approval of registration.