Mobile Phone Tracking Or Tracking Device – A Comparison

There are a number of ways you can keep a track of things, either using a tracking activated mobile phone or purpose-designed GPS tracking device. Either of these options are discrete, flexible and easily accessed. Manufacturers have developed specific devices for keeping tabs on children or elderly relatives, watching over wayward pets and providing car security.

Most of today’s standard mobile phones are quite capable of being activated to allow tracking and opening a simple account with a tracking provider is often all that is required. All that you need for mobile phone tracking to work is the phone to be switched on and to be within range of three or more phone towers. GPS software can give you wider cover but most over-the-counter mobiles are capable of being tracked phone tracker.

GPS Tracking

Dedicated tracking devices come in all sizes and strengths, they tend to provide location advice through GPS monitor systems that are linked to a location website. This way you can log on at any time and see exactly where your tracking device is currently stationed Buzz journal.

Tracking devices are normally small, lightweight boxes that are easily concealed on vehicles or attached to a valuable or individual (or pet) you wish to track. Most are battery operated with a limited lifespan and will need to be retrieved from time to time to change or recharge the batteries.

They can for instance be discretely hidden in a car or trailer to track progress and unless you were specifically looking for them, you wouldn’t know they were there. Tracking devices are fixed and not as adaptable or flexible as a mobile phone with tracking facilities.

Mobile Phone Tracking

A mobile phone tracker has the luxury of being tracked wherever an individual goes and can be left in a vehicle or transport trailer to provide tracking information. These also require periodic recharging and can give instant or continuous pinpoint location information. A mobile’s advantages are its portability and disguise, as they are just a normal, functioning phone that has been activated for tracking purposes.

Each has its own quirks and benefits and at the end of the day the user’s choice will probably come down to personal preference. While a GPS tracking device can be concealed and has a longer battery life, mobiles are more portable and flexible. If your phone has GPS, then like the tracking devices it can be more easily located and will work better in more remote locations.