Thin Condoms Getting Popular Among Users

In the past, condoms were rather thick that they caused so much discomfort among users. Not only were they thick but they smelled like rubber as well which turned off so many people. But thanks to modern technology, thinner condoms are now available worldwide.

Thin condoms are more preferred these days because of the increased sensation and pleasure they give to users. With a more natural feeling, there’s a greater chance that users and their partners can enjoy their sexual relationship. And apart from the pleasure derived, adults are also protected from unexpected pregnancy and transmission of infectious diseases. Among the popular brands of thin condom include that of Trojan, Kimono and Crown.


The Trojan ultra thin condoms are thinner than the regular ones and therefore are ideal for those looking for increased sensation during sexual intercourse. And despite its thinness, the Trojan condom is so strong and reliable users don’t have to worry about any protection issues. Made from first class latex, this type of condom also features a reservoir tip for added safety and silky smooth silicone-based lubricant for comfort and sensitivity.

The supra is the latest condom from Trojan. Made from polyurethane, it is thinner, stronger, smoother and more heat sensitive. And since it not made from latex, it is ideal for sensitive people with allergies to latex and oil-based lubricants can be used with it.

Trojan condoms are made in the okamoto 安全套 U.S. and are triple tested for quality. The brand has been used by adults for more than 80 years making it America’s top condom. Trojan ultra thin condoms are also available with or without spermicide.


The Crown condom is one of the popular brands of Okamoto Industries, Japan’s largest condom manufacturer since 1934. Crown condoms, more known as the skinless skin, boast of being super thin with a wider, more comfortable shape and strength. And since it’s super thin without any taste or odor, it’s like second skin giving the user increased sensitivity and ultimately more pleasure during intercourse.

Crown condoms are made from sheerlon, an advanced material that can be made into a thinner condom unlike the regular latex rubber. Some websites catering to and selling condoms have, in fact, chosen Crown condoms as the winner among the top three thin brands. An independent study has also confirmed the brand as being the most preferred by users.


Kimono condoms are also well known for their thin yet strong quality. The original Kimono condoms are 20 percent thinner and have a form-fitting shape that it almost feels like you’re not wearing one at all. The condom comes with a lubricant as well to lessen friction.

The microthin is another condom style of Kimono that is 38 percent thinner than the standard ones. It is strong and reliable and conforms to the international standards of quality and protection.