Should Dental Clinic Use Rapid Application Development?

Dental Clinic is a medical facility designed exclusively for the dental care of patients. The main objective of a dental clinic is to provide quality medical service to its patients. As part of this service, the clinic may offer preventive dental care, laboratory care, radiology services, cosmetic dental procedures, sealants for tooth, gum, and bone works, extractions, braces, tooth whitening, dental implants, and much more. Dental services offered by a dental clinic are usually limited to the services that it provides and do not include minor aesthetic procedures. Thus, before taking a consultation visit at any dental clinic, it is important to understand the scope of work that is offered by the clinic.

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Dental science is an applied science which involves the application of science to health and disease. Dentistry, as we know it, is a discipline that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of dental disorders, diseases, and conditions. Dentists are known as dental specialists or dentists who specialise in the field of dentistry. A dental clinic can be broadly classified into two types: general and cosmetic clinics lam rang dep.

General dental clinics deal with all kinds of dental issues such as routine care, preventive care, emergencies, and polices relating to teeth alignment and dental preparation. A dental clinic may also offer advanced dental services and surgical services under the management of a qualified dentist. Such dental services include dental implants and dental veneers. Some of these clinics also offer cosmetic services under the supervision of a dentist.

Cosmetic dental clinics generally aim at creating a perfect smile and pleasing oral appeal of their patients. In order to achieve this, the practitioners present here adopt various innovative techniques that focus on making the patient completely satisfied both socially and physically. Many proponents of cosmetic treatments claim that while taking consultation they are provided with clear answers and informed guidance that help them make the right decision. Many of them present their case in front of a table and ask for their permission before carrying out any treatment. The patrons of such a dental clinic are normally very happy and satisfied with the outcome.

In the process of enhancing patient satisfaction, some advocates of RAPID application development use sophisticated diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure optimum patient care. RAPID software development is also commonly used by such dental clinics to manage their patients records. Such systems help them maintain the necessary details pertaining to all the patients, from the billing records to the dental records. The use of sophisticated diagnostic tools helps them to track the progress and effectiveness of dental treatments and thus enables better management system.

Many opponents of RAPID software development claim that it is only possible to provide visual information to the dentist and not to the rest of us. They further argue that such technology is unable to address any complexities in the dental clinic such as radiology. For such an argument to be entertained, one must assume that the radiology department of a dental clinic is already a complex area to deal with. If the concerned department is simplified using RAPID software, then how could a radiology department be said to be ‘complicated’? This is the logic which critics of this technology use to argue against its use in dental clinics.