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Types of Aquariums

Aquariums are self-contained water systems where live plants, live fish, and / or livestock (in the case of aquariums with fish) are contained. An aquarium is usually an octagonal box made of porous materials like concrete or stone, that contains an artificial ecosystem. Most aquariums are roughly triangular or egg-shaped. It is the size of an average swimming pool and holds between eight and fifteen gallons of water. Aquariums are used for decorative purposes and as a source of relaxation and entertainment. An aquarium can be a wonderful sanctuary for a family or a place where you can maintain a beautiful natural setting unique gifts for dad.

Understanding Freshwater Aquarium Lighting

Aquariums are made of many types of material including wood, fiberglass, corals, plastic, stone, etc. Most aquariums are around fifteen gallons in size and many are much larger. An aquarium is usually a self-contained system with at least one side featuring an artificial environment where live aquatic organisms or plants are housed and displayed. Many aquariums now contain computers so that the fish have feeds, water temperature, lighting, etc.

Glass aquariums are usually seen in public aquariums and are made out of transparent glass and are very popular because of their transparency. They are available in different shapes and sizes and are mostly found in home aquariums. An aquarium made of glass is widely used for decorating homes as well as for the fish keeping hobby. There are also aquariums made out of fiberglass, but these are not as common as the other types of aquariums and are mostly seen in fish stores.

Wood aquariums are made from all sorts of materials like teak, cedar, or walnut, among others. Most of them are only one to three gallons in size. A lot of people use wooden aquariums as works of art. They are widely used for the decoration of boats and houses.

Plastic aquariums are also widely used. They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be easily accommodated in small or large spaces. These aquariums come in a variety of colours, so you can choose the one that best complements your room or house.

Finally, there are marine aquariums. Marine aquariums are most commonly used for breeding purposes and to supply oxygen into the water. Fish diseases thrive better in marine aquariums, so it is important to purchase marine aquariums that are specifically designed for fish living in them. In addition, a lot of research has gone into the proper care of fish kept in aquariums. Proper maintenance of marine aquariums helps ensure that they are around for a long time.