Hit the Golf Ball Hard and Straight With Your Body, Not the Club

When I started playing golf, the idea was to “let the clubhead do the work.” “Swing the clubhead” was another way of saying it. Later, another idea came along, that the clubhead is the wrong end. You should swing the handle. Well, you can play either way, but if you really want to hit the ball hard and straight, swing yourself.

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The swing becomes turning your body away from the ball, then turning it back into the ball and beyond. That is where your power and accuracy come from – that turn away and back through 파워볼추천사이트.

What do the hands do? After they have ensured that the club begins the swing on the correct path, they help lift the club to the top of the backswing, but after the first few feet the club moves away from the ball, it is primarily the body that moves the club. From the top of the backswing, the hands do nothing more than hold onto the club for the rest of the way.

What do the arms do? Throughout the entire swing, they connect the hands to the body. Nothing more.

The rationale for this is twofold. First, there is much more power in the big muscles of your body than there is in the hands and arms. If you were to hit something as hard as you could, you would lead into the blow with your body weight, letting the acceleration build into your arms and hands.

Second, the body is much easier to guide in a particular direction, because of its relatively slower movement, than the quick-moving hands. In fact, to guide the club through the ball with your hands means that you have to slow the swing down somewhat to make sure they travel where you want them to go.

The larger and slower-moving body turn can direct the club much more consistently. All the arms and hands have to do is keep up. If there is any mistake that can be made by swinging with your body, this is it — swinging only with your body and leaving the arms and hands behind. When that happens, the club face will come into the ball wide open, and the ball will go severely to the right.

To guard against that happening, when the downswing starts, pretend your upper body is in a cast, and that your torso and arms move as one piece. That way, the arms don’t get left behind, and the hands don’t move ahead. It’s all rotation, and the momentum that your swing builds up on the way down will accelerate the club through the ball.

Getting this move down will take a bit of practice and a bit of trust. If you’re used to hitting the ball with your hands, it will seem like there is no power to be had. But you will notice that the feeling at impact changes from a light click to a hard punch, and that the ball takes off with much more authority than before. That’s power.

Trust? Well, when we want to put something in just the right place, like returning a clubhead to the golf ball, we are used to relying on our fine motor skills. Now you have to learn to let your big motor skills do the job. They can do it just fine. You’ll hit some clinkers at first, but don’t let that discourage you.

In short order, you’ll be hitting the ball differently and better than before, and you’ll be on the road to playing golf differently and better than before.