Practical Tips to Avoid Getting Duped When Moving House

It is a proven fact business has become easier with the emergence of many services providers and information technology. Now, it is easier to buy products and hire service providers online. Despite these conveniences, bad business is still possible because a lot of criminal minds have infiltrated the business world and the virtual market.

Since a lot of unscrupulous businessmen are possibly operating in the moving business, it is therefore imperative for you as a consumer to be vigilant to get the best of what you pay for. Here are a few practical tips that you can use to avoid getting scammed when moving house:

1. Ask for a binding estimate.

A binding estimate is an estimate where the total landed price of the service is not allowed by law to go beyond 115 percent of the Mover’s initial estimate. This is one condition you can ask your mover to ensure that your right is properly safeguarded.

2. Compare prices.

You will have a better idea of a mover’s estimates if you don’t ask for price proposals from other providers. You should solicit for quotations from different companies to be able to determine the average price for moving your belongings. This will prevent some movers from intentionally bloating the price to take advantage of the binding estimate.

3. Ask people who have experienced moving house.

Not all people who have experienced moving house can point you to a good, efficient and honest moving service, but some can certainly tell you what not to hire. Soliciting the advice of people who 辦公室搬運 had gone through good or bad experience can certainly help you to choose the right moving company.

4. Ask for service details and their corresponding prices.

This will give you the idea how much you are going to pay before the service even starts. A detailed service proposal can let you know the details of the job. This will limit the mover to work on the specific tasks listed, unless there’s a necessary work that needs to be performed. Any special service requirement shall only be rendered with your consent as the customer.

5. Ask for a face-to-face meeting with the reps of the moving company.

Meeting the mover’s representatives makes it easier for you to reach an agreement. It can also facilitate acquaintance and lessen the possibility of a scam.

6. Ask questions.

Asking the mover a lot of questions about the names and background of people it assigned to work on your belongings can help to protect you from pilferers and undesirable workers. This can work to your advantage especially if the moving service you are in contact with is a local moving company.

7. Find a point person you can work with in the moving company.

A large moving company may be composed of faceless workers. It is one of the reasons why you should find someone who you can choose as a contact person while the job is ongoing. It can help to give you a well-informed, hassle-free transfer.

8. Get involved in the process.

This is not meddling with the mover’s job. This is the technique of being visible and available at the right time and place during the process. Being available can help movers find answers to on-the-spot problems. Without your help, movers will be prompted to solve the problem and charge you a corresponding fee for it.