Express Delivery Services In China – A Great Way To Conveniently By Products And Services

The International Express Delivery Service (IEG) is a courier service in Hong Kong that offers both air freight and sea freight services. This highly reputed courier has always been on a collision course with the Hong Kong courier industry, having fought tooth and nail to win over the hearts of the locals. It did not take long for them to seal a deal with the government of Hong Kong to render efficient and cost effective courier services to the residents of the Chinese Special Administrative Region (HPR).

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The Hong Kong courier industry has suffered a serious blow with the recent increase in the number of international express services offering their services in the Chinese market. However, the new market leader has chosen a different kind of battle when it comes to competing with the likes of DHL and FedEx – they have chosen to go into house shipping of goods. With this unique strategy, they not only succeeded in dominating the Hong Kong market but also achieved impressive growth figures gui hang di my tien viet express.

The fact that the Hong Kong International Express Delivery Service now offers home-delivery services instead of just air deliveries has become one of the main reasons why they are able to slash through the competition. These new express services offer competitive rates as they do not need to pay customs clearance fees on deliveries made within the territory of Hong Kong. Moreover, they do not need to pay for the processing of custom clearances either. All these fees and charges can translate to significant profits for any delivery courier company.

One of the major benefits of using a Hong Kong courier service is that you do not need to have a mainland address to be able to send parcels to Hong Kong. In case you choose a courier service that does require your mainland address, you will be charged extra customs clearance charges, which could easily translate to a large additional amount for your total parcel delivery costs. The majority of international express delivery company providers do not charge extra for delivery to HPR. Instead, they charge extra for shipments that require the return or replacement of items.

One more reason why you should use an online express delivery services provider in Hong Kong is because of their low cost structure. Many new courier services introduced in Hong Kong often provide free shipping services for a limited period of time. When this service introduction is used, it helps reduce the average cost of each parcel sent to your home or business. Many new service introduction packages are also offered with discounts up to 50%. If you are a Hong Kong expat, then you would definitely know about the importance of cheap parcel shipping to make your overseas trips more convenient and enjoyable.

The fact that there are new internet businesses emerging in every field makes shipping goods to China very easy nowadays. There is no wonder then that international e-commerce websites have seen an explosive growth over the past two years. China is fast becoming China’s number one online retailing market. With its huge population and burgeoning economy, China has now become an even more important element for international e-commerce business.