All About the Realme 5 Pro Phone

Taiwan based technology company RealMe, has introduced its new product RealMe 5 which can be a high-end smart phone. With an eye to the future, it has combined advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality along with highly efficient hardware and highly advanced applications to build one powerful personal assistant. The key feature that makes this phone unique is its dual camera concept. Users are able to take both photos and videos with one single device and have the chance to enjoy the same on their PCs or smartphones.

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The real 5 pro is equipped with a large 8 mega pixel camera, which has been equipped with OZY optics which give clear pictures and videos. This is the first smart phone in the world with double camera ability. The second camera is used for video recording and can be activated by sliding the phone down. This is the main reason behind the high price of this smart phone as it has an excellent camera and video recording abilities along with the best smartphone features and apps at affordable prices realme 5 pro.

It is the first smartphone with a quad-core snapdragon 712 MSMic running on the mentioned memory interface with a high performance CPU and the first of its kind to include an external memory slot. With the introduction of the RealMe 5 pro price in Taiwan it is possible to own this high end phone within an affordable price range. It is manufactured by HTC and is compatible with any of their popular handsets such as the HTC Desire, the HTC Evo and the HTC Play.

The real 5 or price is not far from the actual price of the international version of the smartphone and is almost half the price of the first version which was launched in the market. The memory interface has been slightly enhanced and this enables it to handle more apps and perform more tasks than before. There have been rumors that there will be additional versions to follow in the future and so far the realme 5 who has been confirmed to have a dual camera system along with facial recognition technology. It is also noteworthy that the Taiwanese manufacturers have included additional memory slots for other random apps which could be used by the users.

There are a lot of attractive features that have been present in this smartphone till now but the latest versions are definitely worth adding into your shopping list. The most important and unique feature of the realme 5 pro price is the presence of a virtual keyboard which is located on the upper right corner of the screen. You can easily access the typing functions with the virtual keyboard and you can type any text with ease. Apart from the keyboards, the HTC realme 5 has a very large notification center which gives you all the important information like the time, date, weather and also the next alarm. If you want you can also select the individual widgets from this notification center and they will help you with any task very quickly.

The phone also runs on the mature version of android operating system which ensures that you get the best out of your device. There is an excellent multitasking facility present on this mobile phone and you can use it to surf the internet, watch videos and also listen to music songs while you are travelling. The HTC realme 5 pro comes with a free gift in the form of a free handset, which is quite an amazing offer from HTC. This is one of the biggest marketing gimmicks of HTC and it has successfully created a buzz among the mobile phone lovers. The phone also offers an inbuilt virtual keyboard which allows you to enter text faster and makes it a very easy to work on the device. The HTC realme 5 are also comes with a very attractive design which has subtle curves and lines and is sleek and stylish.