Real Karate Is Not Taking Your Eye Off The Ball

What does the headline, real karate is not taking your eye off the ball actually mean? Well, let me explain.

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In unarmed combat anything goes! True. In the martial arts world you tend to meet all sorts of potential lethal bare handed and weapons experts. You notice, I say potentially lethal. Unfortunately, some of the styles are regarded as more of a sport than a practical self-defence system ไฮไลท์บอล.

What’s more, many of the students training in these styles think they are learning how to protect themselves on the street. And, many of them are putting in hours of strenuous effort in training believing that what they are doing will work if they are suddenly attacked, not so, what they are creating though in their mind is a false sense of security which ultimately could prove suicidal if they tried some of those same fancy techniques for real.

Everybody knows or they should do by now that only simple gross motor skills and low kicks really work under the stress of an unprovoked attack when adrenalin and blood pressure is high. If you don’t believe me check out any combat medical report of what happens to combatants in the heat of battle.

If you think you are going to string together all those flash spinning kicks arm locks control techniques plus, no first strike mentality, that’s right, the type of stuff some of you have learned up to now in the controlled atmosphere of a dojo then it’s time to think again my friend, before its to late because these are training techniques for competition not the street.

Also, I bet, many of you have never been taught about such things for instance: mental attitude, tunnel vision, adrenaline dump and intent all important things to know about in a fight. Naturally, you should never get involved in any conflict if you can possibly avoid it in the first place. That’s common sense.

However, you should be learning how to win using any tactics necessary yes, I do mean biting gouging head butting and knee kicks what ever it takes. However unpleasant it may seem. Fighting viciously is precisely the tactics that will help you prevail in some dark ally or club toilet when you find yourself rolling around urine covered floor or pavement after some thug or drunk has decided to make you his next victim.

Before you say, oh no, that is not what traditional martial arts is all about. I say read your history because that is exactly what they are all about. Of course, you have the philosophical and moral side to it as well. But primarily, it is about a self-defence system that is aimed at protecting the ordinary person against habitual acts of physical violence not to turn you into a mega fighter although this could a by-product of the training.

The martial arts never was devised to defend against professional fighters’ just thugs and robbers that’s why the techniques in the original systems included all the dirty moves to overcome the attacker quickly. Also it’s worth mentioning here that the old type systems also included throws, locks groundwork as well as, what we discussed above everything you might need to prevail as an ordinary citizen if you were attacked.

Bear in mind, I am talking mainly about Karate here although; it does apply to other types of martial arts as well. Moreover, it’s all documented you just have to look for it.

If you want to be really successful in a street fight then you better start getting used to the above dirty fighting terms. If this seems too much for you then I suggest you go and do something less dangerous like: shark baiting or barbed wire jumping. On the other hand if you do decide to adapt the following into your training programme then you may just be glad you’d put in the time to learn the dirty stuff. In fact your life might depend on it.

What I’m talking about here can in no way be called sport karate. A better term maybe combat karate or street karate because smashing someone’s knee cap is not sport karate. Indeed, if you tried to use any of these techniques in a competition you would be disqualified.

And that is the problem isn’t it with styles that have given themselves over to winning as many trophies and looking good as they can in the competition environment. You see, for many it has all become a commercial enterprise, money and for some big money. Oops, sorry if I have upset anybody I can ensure you that is not my intention. I just want to highlight the fact that real effective martial self-defence techniques have been taken out to make it safer for competition. That’s why the most effective techniques such as, biting gouging head butting throwing and so on are not taught in a lot of karate dojo today.

I’m afraid to say, winning a competition is not the same as winning a street fight and unless students are taught the difference between the two they are seriously at risk, because as I said earlier it develops a false sense of security in the student. You only have to look at the number of so-called black belts that get the crap beaten of them in a stress induced street fight. Have you ever wondered why that is? After all, these so-called black belts are supposed to be expert fighters aren’t they.

If this is the case with you right now? You’d better start learning quickly how to really use your own built-in weapons to your greatest advantage. Ask yourself why these techniques are banned?

Some of you reading this may think that what I suggest is some what barbaric. But if you or a loved one’s life is on the line, anything goes right.

And, with all the muggings and rapes happening women are especially vulnerable. In my mind, there is no such thing as theoretical combat, the emphasis must be on the practicalities there is no such thing as a theoretical knife fight.