Possible Complications of Breast Reduction Surgery – What Women Should Know

Large breast size is such a big issue for women not only because of cosmetic reasons but also because of health reasons. Breast size has tremendous impact on the psychological and physical well-being of women. Big breasted women are suffering from great dilemmas because they are constantly in pain carrying huge heavy breasts and they are overly self-conscious with their appearance affecting their self-confidence. The unhappiness and pain of having excessively huge breasts make the lives of big breasted women miserable. For these reasons, many well-endowed women are considering surgery to reduce the size of their breasts and get rid of the embarrassment and discomfort of living with enlarged breasts. Some are even clueless about the possible complications of breast reduction surgery which should not be the case. Well-endowed women should be well aware of what they are getting themselves into so they should know the risks or possible complications of breast reduction surgery.

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Breast reduction procedure is not a simple procedure and it is accompanied by risks and possible complications. Before making a decision to go under the knife, here are the possible complications of breast reduction surgery that you should know ophtalmologues Courbevoie.

Allergic reaction to anaesthesia. Surgeries require anaesthesia for the patient not to feel the pain of the procedure. Allergic reactions to anaesthesia could lead to a number of complications like breathing difficulty, nausea and changes in the normal heartbeat. Although breast reduction surgery is an instant solution to enlarged breast size problem, it is not for everybody. If you have allergic reactions to anaesthesia, surgery is probably not for you.

Abnormal bleeding. One of the possible complications of breast reduction surgery that could be life threatening is abnormal bleeding. Too much bleeding or blood loss during the procedure is rare but it is a possibility and if it occurs, it is impossible to continue with the procedure. On the other hand, if the procedure was successful without abnormal bleeding during the surgery, blood loss or abnormal bleeding after the surgery although rare could still happen and it can be a serious complication if not treated or given immediate medical attention. If abnormal bleeding occurs after surgery, it is a must to seek immediate medical attention. It is also important to advise your doctor before the surgery if you are taking anti-coagulant medications like aspirin which could increase your risk of abnormal bleeding during or after the surgery.

Risk of infections. Possible complications of breast reduction surgery include developing infections. Although all surgeries include high level of care and hygiene, patients are still at risk of developing infections. All surgeons and their staffs are well-trained to adhere to hospital hygiene procedures to decrease the possibility of infections but it is still a reality that infection is a possibility after surgery. If infections do occur and neglected, it could be life threatening. At the first sign of infection, you should seek immediate medical attention. Symptoms of infection may include swelling, redness, pain, discharge, unfavorable smell and fever. Do not hesitate to seek medical help if you feel something is wrong. It is better to overreact than be sorry.

Scarring. The possible complications of breast reduction surgery are not all about health risks but it is also about cosmetic issues. One of the reasons for considering breast reduction surgery is to improve your physical appearance and if your breast appearance becomes worse, you will be very unhappy and dissatisfied. Scarring is one of the most possible complications of breast reduction surgery. Although surgeons will put their best efforts to avoid scarring, it is still possible to be unhappy after the surgery with the visible scars. If wound separation happens before the wound could heal, scarring is more likely to happen. Another procedure may be required to close the wound. If this happens, it may take longer for the wound to heal and it is possible for you to develop larger scars. Although scars are not life threatening, they are cosmetic abnormalities that are not pleasant to see. Discoloration may also occur during wound healing process and in some cases, discoloration may fail to disappear after the wound has healed. In cases like this, additional treatment may be needed to get rid of the skin discoloration. When it comes to skin discoloration, make sure that it is not a blood clot so seek immediate medical attention if skin discoloration occurs.

Asymmetrical breast size and shape. One of the possible complications of breast reduction surgery that could be really frustrating is when the breasts appear uneven in size and shape after the surgery. This problem may have something to do with the expertise of your surgeon, so to prevent this from happening it is best to research and choose a surgeon with the best reputation and someone with exceptional expertise and experience in this field. It is best if you can see his or her work with previous patients. Although it is not always possible to get a perfect symmetrical breasts, your doctor has an obligation to give you satisfying results that will make you feel happy.

Nipple sensitivity issues. Over sensitivity or lack of sensitivity of the nipples may occur after surgery. Over sensitivity may be very difficult as even a slight contact of your nipples on your shirt or brassiere could be painful. Nipples over sensitivity is usually temporary and will go back to normal after the wound is completely healed. Lack of sensitivity or nipple numbness on the other hand is a different case because it could occur due to damaged nerves during the surgery. The numbness may be temporary if the nerves healed but it could be permanent if the nerves failed to heal.

Breastfeeding may be difficult or may not be possible. Although it may still be possible to breastfeed after breast reduction surgery, it is also a possibility that breastfeeding can be difficult or may not be possible if your milk ducts get damaged or removed during the procedure. As much as possible, your surgeon will do his or her best to save much of your milk ducts for you to be able to produce enough milk if you need to breastfeed but you also have to know the reality that surgery could damage your milk ducts and your breastfeeding capability could be affected.

It is best to be aware of the possible complications of breast reduction surgery before you decide to subject yourself under the knife. Enlarged breasts is a problem that could make a woman’s life miserable and breast reduction surgery could be the answer to this problem but surgery is not the only option for reducing breast size.