Fast Six Pack Abs – Exercises For Flat Bellies

Lets be honest, six-pack abs don’t come easy! But if you are determined and can combine a low-fat diet and regular exercise with these highly targeted ab-exercises for just 15 minutes a day – You too can get six-pack abs!

Exercise #1: “The Ab-Curl” Lie on the floor with arms across your chest. Tighten your abs and curl your shoulders up one inch from the floor. Hold position up to 4 seconds. Increase difficulty by also raising feet off the ground and shoulders further. Repeat 5 times

Exercise #2: “Leg-Raise” Best for lower abs. Lie flat on the floor and raise legs slowly up to 90 degrees and down. Repeat 10 times to begin with and try alternating by moving legs left and right to burn love handles. Keep movement slow and fluent with no rest in between. Use a pillow under back for comfort.

Exercise #3: Commonly known as the “Bicycle” Lay on your back with hands behind your head and bring knees up to a Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Reviews 90 degree angle. Pump your legs back and forth just like when riding a bicycle. Alternate by bringing your left torso up towards the right knee and vice versa. Start with 1-2 mins then gradually move up!

Forget doing hundreds of crunches, these exercises will work your abs all-around for fast results. The most important part is to continue doing them everyday and gradually increase difficulty!

I’m 42 years old with 2 kids and by following these simple routines I have managed to keep my belly flat. I also keep a low-fat diet combined with Acai Berry which is a great supplement for anyone not willing to go on a strict diet with complicated meal plans. Acai helps you burn fat by increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, and act as a natural energy booster. Acai is packed with fiber and cleanses your system from toxic sludge so you will drop pounds inside and out!

The best part about Acai is that its packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants (twice as much as blueberries) so dieting and exercising becomes easy with nutritional satisfaction, less cravings, and more energy!