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Marketing Sex – Filipina Lady Story

Marketing sex is nothing new. Look at the commercials on TV and the ads on the net. It is full of sexual ads to get the consumer’s attention and hopefully the sale.

Marketing sex in the online dating world is just as prominent. Many women use their sexual appeal to find a potential mate literotica. For some women, it is their only appeal as they put very little effort in their words when filling out their profile.

When it comes to the blame game, you could criticize women for using sex to sale themselves, but men play the game as well by putting emphases on looks versus substance in a lady’s profile. Obviously, I’m making a blanket statement and this is not the case for all men, but I’m always amazed at how a sexy lady on one of my sites that says very little about herself in her profile, gets top views for the month. Rarely does an average looking lady with inspiring words in her profile get the most views.

This leads to one of the major epidemics on the net – scamming. You could blame the webmaster, but he doesn’t have a crystal ball to know what the lady’s intentions are before she joins. In other words, she does not put in her application, that she is joining the site to scam people. Instead she fills it out sincerely as if she is searching for love. You could blame the ladies themselves for being dishonest about their true intentions for joining, but you could also pass on some of that blame to the men themselves.

I’m still amazed how obvious a scam letter is and how men still fall for them. I state on my site(s) that you should never send money during the “get to know each other stages” of a relationship. If a lady is asking for money early in a relationship or coming up with a sob story that she needs money, be aware. Of course there are exceptions. When searching, common sense should prevail but that seems to go out the door when hormones are involved. Time should also be part of your criteria when searching for love. Most scammers do not have the patience to hang around to get to know you for months if you are not providing her some cash to stay in the game. Since there is too many uncertainties, the best policy would be not to send money when you are getting to know someone on the net – no matter how sincere their story may seem.

Are their exceptions? Probably. If you are asking me if it is worth the risk to send money to a lady to help pay for postage or to rent a computer at an internet café, this risk is minimal and probably reasonable. After all, if you were dating someone locally, most guys are going to spend money for the date with no guarantees that there will be more dates in the future. For that matter, helping a Filipina Lady with postage and internet café fees is probably recommended, unless she is telling you the nearest café is 400 miles away and is trying to get you to pay for traveling expenses.

When a lady is asking you to supply her with financial help to sustain something rather expensive over time or money for a one time major investment to help her out, be careful. I think one of the most common scams is asking for help to pay for school related expenses.