Is it Possible to Make Money on My Blog?

Make money on anything. That is the world today. Exploiting every niche and crack in reality to squeeze some dollars to line our pockets is the attitude a lot of people are taking. It is completely legal and you would be insane not to sit up and at least take notice. Let’s look at something as simple as a blog; a chronicle of your life, a journal of your emotions, hopes and dreams told in words or pictures. Is it possible to make money on my blog? If that’s the question on your mind, this article will tell you just how to do that Forbes.

If your blog is already interesting and you get a high hit rate on it, then you already have the battle half won. People are coming to read your daily news and they are actually coming back, checking for updates and generally ‘subscribing’ to your ‘publication’. Now if you were to pick up a magazine or newspaper, what is the one thing that is common to all of these things? That’s right, advertising. People who read might just be people who buy. Once you have a solid following of readers you can sell your blog to advertisers. The route most people take is to recruit services like AdSense or BlogAds that pay you a small amount per click. It’s free and the returns can be quite a tidy sum if you have a high volume of people reading your blog.

Or, you can start to recommend good and services from other online merchants. This is essentially affiliate marketing at work. There are no restrictions to this as you can even choose which product you want to plug, write about it, get an affiliate program to track purchasing and make some money when anyone buys the product you briefly mentioned in your blog. You can even recommend several products which means that your revenue increases as that increases!

Blogs can also be like online resumes for you to market your specific talents. Since it is primarily about writing, a lot of people are making money because they get recognised either for their unique writing skills or their interesting feedback which resonates with contemporary views and ideas. Major spreadsheets and magazines are growing a digital arm and they are constantly on the lookout for creative writers to enhance their cyberspace publication. You can even sell your expertise on issues, or if you have a particular topic that is popular and that you have a wealth of knowledge on, you can sell your opinions to the highest bidder.

These are just some of the ways that you can make good money just from your blog and you don’t even have to work insanely hard to achieve this aim. This can be a supplement to your normal job and who doesn’t want to earn extra money on the side? Make some cash while doing something you were already doing on a daily or bi-daily basis. Now that is smart thinking.