Online Dating and Relationships – Keep Them Fun With Sweet Gifts

Want your online relationships to work? Well, why not get creative, try something new, and apply it to your Internet Relationship? Not too long, we were having this conversation at our Think Tank, which is also online, we were trying to figure out how folks could make their long-distance relationships shine online, holding that bond together. Here is what we came up with, let me explain.

First, you need to give your online relationship intention – you should not go more than a day without replying to any email, even that is too long. If they send you a text-message, you need to reply ASAP to keep the interest. You need to give it your full attention to make it work. If you find yourself procrastinating your relationship emailing or texting responsibilities, you can create a reward system for yourself.

Our think tank suggests using dark chocolate. Each email you may eat 1/2 of a dark chocolate bar. If you fine your relationship partner often neglecting your emails, or failing to return them under온라인홀덤 acceptable circumstances. Tell them you love them, and you will reward them 1/2 a dark chocolate bar each time they return or reply to your email, and set a time limit, such as 24-hours. Then keep score and send a small box filled with chocolate bars to match their performance.

This also develops trust in your relationship, but you must commit to following through with the prize and chocolate reward or you will do severe damage to your reputation and credibility! Why chocolate? Trust us, this will work.

In fact, there was an interesting study done, in which the researchers used incentives to get people to walk for 15-minutes each day. They would reward the folks at the half way point. It turns out they could people to walk for 7-minutes, almost a mile, they used chocolate. In this scenario they used milk chocolate. Many people refused the deal, but when they offered dark chocolate at the 7-minute mark, the number of folks willing to take them up on the deal increased, it doubled!