The Best Bars In The World – Chasers, Melbourne, Australia – Review

Located just a ten minute walk from Prahran Railway Station, Chasers nightclub is one of Chapel Streets highlights. This spacious venue hosts a high energy trance night every Saturday but is also home to live shows and RnB events on other nights of the week. sofa melbourne

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On a Saturday, however, Chasers opens its doors at about 10pm, things are a little slow to pick up until it Is just past midnight. But they make up for this by offering free entry on various nights for arriving early which means more money for drinking! Chasers has three bars, one large central bar and two others, all of which offer an extensive list of drinks at reasonable prices. Entry costs range from $15 on a guest-list to around $25 on event nights.

Chasers has a large dance floor with podiums for everyone to get up on and dance. There is a large DJ booth, smoke machines, laser lights and large TV screens that flash animations and video for an all round clubbing experience. The lounge style seating and couches are tactfully placed to allow for intimate conversations submerged in an energetic dance atmosphere.

If you’re not big on trance and dance on a Saturday night this may not be the place for you, however, it’s hard to resist when you have such inviting security and staff. Yes, Chasers is one of the rare nightclubs with pleasant security who don’t charge up their power trips when approached by clubbers, especially to male party goers. The security were friendly and not unnecessarily condescending toward any of the males waiting in line.