Internet Marketing Strategies For Big Business – Buying Domain Names

Is buying expired domain names really a way to make money online? As internet marketing tools goes, is it something that people should take seriously? Well, some people in big business have been smart enough to be capitalizing on expired domain traffic…there have been articles written about this in USA Today, Forbes and other publications. Seems like expired domain names is one of the smart internet marketing strategies of the day for some pretty big guns out there…so why not join them and make money online this way, too?

The business of buying expired domain names has come to light…it all started with a Business 2.0 article. If you aren’t familiar with that publication it is one of the Turner owned products…it is a fantastic publication…a service of CNN, Fortune and Money magazines web hosting.

Anyway, they kind of pulled back the curtain a little bit and showed that there’s real money to be made here. Anybody who has spent any time on the internet looking for sources of highly targeted traffic and looking at making money online has probably heard about the huge domain sales. One example is Business.com that sold in 1999 for $7.5 million after being purchased in 1997 for a record $150,000.

Now Business.com is a huge business and in 2007 that business sold for $345 million! Okay, that’s for the business, not just the domain name, but you get the picture…a great domain name can fetch a pretty nice sum BECAUSE it is a great name that people will want.

Maybe that opened your eyes a bit and you are starting to get that there might just be something to this expired domain name business! Well, the Business 2.0 article let people see that it really is an enormous business.

Just the parking business alone, which is just a small part of the whole domain industry…the parking business alone is a billion dollar business. Pretty frickin’ awesome that a little thing that nobody knows about is a billion dollar business.