Online Craps Rules

When it comes to online craps rules, there is quite a bit to remember. The hardest part about craps is the betting. The actual game alone is pretty easy and once you nail down the betting arrangements you will have no problems in learning how to play the game. Craps is generally a game in which many people are involved, however, with online craps, you are playing alone, and therefore, it is important to understand the online craps rules of play.

Online Craps Rules: Dice pragmatic play

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There are two dice involved in craps. There are many different roll variations, some of which have meaning and others of which do have a certain place within the game. For example, rolls of two, three, seven, eleven, and twelve are significant. The places are rolls of four, five, six, eight, nine, and ten. Of all of the different rolls in craps, seven is the most important. Many people place bets on seven alone, winning or losing if it is rolled.

The player is known as the shooter, the shooter is the one rolling the dice. If the shooter rolls two dice with the same value outcome, the roll is then known as a hard roll. A soft roll occurs when the rolled dice differ in values. For instance, if the shooter rolls a two and two, this is known as a hard four. If the shooter rolls a two and five, this is known as a soft six.

Craps comes into play when the shooter rolls a two, three, or twelve.

Online Craps Rules: Betting

This is where the game of craps becomes confusing. Two bet’s known as don’t pass line and pass line bets are two of the most basics in the game. With online craps rules, you are required to bet by dropping chips on either line, using your mouse. Winning with these bets are relatively simple. They pay even money and if the don’t pass line wins, the pass line will lose, and the same applies in reverse.

Online Craps Rules: Game Play

The shooter must make the bets on the don’t pass or pass line. The come out roll is the initial roll by the shooter. If the shooter rolls a seven or eleven on their come out roll, the pass line is the winner. If the shooter rolls a two or three, the pass line will lose, and the don’t pass line will win. If the shooter rolls a twelve on the come out, the don’t pass line is a push, and the pass line will win. A four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten on the come out roll, is known as the point and a white puck will be placed on that number.