Selling Futures Options is Easy to Learn

Selling options is for everybody.  It just seems complicated, it really is not.  Yes you need to have some discipline but this is exactly the type of investment that does not require more than 15 minutes a day to monitor and trade in.  You do not need to watch your computer screen for every tick to make great returns.

If you want to monitor your mutual funds or stocks all day long every day then selling futures options is probably 선물옵션 not for you.  Honestly, it is about as exciting as watching paint dry, but when the paint is dry then money starts piling up.  This is a no nonsense approach to building up your investment account. 

No you are not going to get rich quick, but you will get rich slowly and faster than if you are using just stocks or mutual funds.  No there is no guarantee, just like in investing in stocks and mutual funds but the returns are great and the conservative style of selling futures options is a welcome surprise in today’s high risk investment economy.

A wonderful thing about selling futures options is that you do not have to be right to make money.  You can even be wrong and still make money.  If the market moves against you it is not a reason to sell and secure a loss.  A majority of the options sold are so far out of the money that it would take quite a huge move in the market to occur in order to lose money.  The trick is to sell after the market has moved (up or down) and the volatility has increased substantially.