Putting a Condom on Tips

Each person should be aware of putting on a condom and using it correctly. Here is how you can go about using a condom correctly.

It is very important to understand the correct way to put on a condom as this helps prevent sexually transmitted diseases and is very effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. First thing to do is find the correct condom, this can be done by reading a condom review and knowing what type of condom that you require. Most condoms are slightly different but it’s the exact same process for each condom brand on how to put it on. This article will briefly discuss the correct way to put on a male condom. Remember its very important to read a condom review first so you know it’s the right condom for you.

1.Check that the condom is in date, each condom will have this printed on the packet, if its out of date or unreadable use another.

2.Make sure the packaging is not damaged, if it is it may effect the condom and render it useless. Always best 後庭拉珠 to use a new one if the packaging is damaged.

3.When opening it be careful not to rip the condom, although latex is a strong material it can rip with sharp finger nails or teeth for example.

4.When you have the condom out make sure that before you put it on, you have it the right side up, this is with the condom pointing up.

5.Place it on the end and pinch the top so as not to trap any air in the condom, then gently roll it down the shaft. Sometimes this may require more lubrication.

6.Once its on make sure there are no rips or tears in the material, if not its safe to get it on.

7.Enjoy the pleasure of safe sex!

It’s really important to practice safe sex as there are many sexually transmitted diseases and these can ruin your future sex life if you pick them up.