Spiritual Life Coaching: Bringing an End to Conflict and Violence

Spiritual Life Coaching can help you to transcend the ego and learn how to honor and respect other people’s opinions, no matter how much they may oppose yours. When you understand the importance of honoring other people’s opinions, you dissolve the basis for all conflict, violence, and war on this planet.

At this point you may be asking, “What if one side is right and the other is wrong? Doesn’t the mere fact that one side is right justify its ardor?” Try not to think of disputes as one side being right and the other being wrong. To the Next Human, both sides are right based on their individual viewpoints. Everyone embraces their own truth according to their own unique perspective.

Just because you have a different view of the world than your neighbor, it doesn’t necessary mean that they are wrong. And that’s why people get into arguments, and fight, and create conflicts, and cause wars, because the egoic mind says, “You’re wrong and I’m right, and therefore you are my enemy.” And of course, this is madness from the higher perspective of the Spirit.

A three-year-old boy doesn’t know what he’s doing when he knocks over your wine glass, breaking it and staining the carpet. He simply doesn’t know better. A baby girl doesn’t know better when she cries so loudly that you think your eardrums will pop. And a puppy dog doesn’t know any better when it chews up your brand new pair of shoes and urinates Life Coach in Santa Rosa Ca on your carpet. They just don’t know better. And so it is the same with people.

So whatever they do, no matter how heinous it may seem, must be understood as; that’s simply where they are. If people knew better, they would be behaving better. It’s that simple. It’s called the hierarchy of consciousness. The bee has a higher level of consciousness than a flower. A cat has a higher level of consciousness than a mouse. And a whale has a higher level of consciousness than a turtle. And so it is with people. Everyone has their own individualistic opinion based on where they are on the ladder of consciousness.

No One is separate from the divine, no matter how hard they try to be. Now, that being said, that doesn’t mean that we should just sit on the sidelines and become apathetic to all of the violence that pervades today. To the contrary, we can end it all overnight. But we can’t get there until we begin to look at the violence from the higher perspective of Spirit. Spiritual Life Coaching can help us to practice non-judgment, non-reaction, non-resistance, and non-violence in our daily life. Then we will no longer be perpetuating the violence that already is. We will be weakening it.

When you blame yourself for anything, you are judging yourself. If you do something unconsciously, then afterward awaken to it and blame yourself for “being unconscious,” you are still judging yourself and therefore remain unconscious. When you are unconscious, you “know not what you do” and therefore are never to blame for whatever it is you do while you’re unconscious. Transcending blame is a prerequisite to your spiritual freedom. The “I am bad” thought that arises because of a “horrible” thing that you did in the past is always judgment and therefore still a sign of unconsciousness.

Spiritual Life Coaching can help you to reach this level of Self Realization now. It can help you to understand that you don’t need to hold yourself responsible for the mistakes of your past. Because you were not conscious of what you were doing, there is no need to hold a grudge of judgment against yourself. Know that you were not acting as your true Self and you will never judge yourself or anyone else again. This level of consciousness is the key to peace for you and for the entire planet.