Why is Enrolling in a Driving School a Good Idea?

Admittedly, there are many of us who taught ourselves how to drive. This may have happened when we saw a parent’s car or relative’s car left in the drive way and we decided to experiment with or without their knowledge. In many cases, they let us drive around the block anyway as long as we promised to make all the right moves. There were also times when they themselves say with us in the car and instructed us. There are many people who learn how to drive that way. Driving School Rotterdam

Then there are those who simply enrolled into driving school. Maybe their parents paid for the courses or they worked and paid for themselves. Either way, they were sold out to the idea of enrolling in a school where professional tutors would show them the ropes-the right and legal way. So why do people choose to go to driving school?

The first reason is simply to learn how to drive a motor vehicle under the watchful eye of a professional. When non-professionals teach driving lessons, they tend to pass on habits that they have acquired over the years and these habits may or may not be good. To prevent this, many people simply choose professional driving instructors who are located in driving schools.

Another reason why people enroll in driving school is because they have been mandated by a judge. In the US, if you are caught driving without a driver’s license two consecutive times in 12 months, it is possible that your driver’s license may be suspended for a period of up to 24 months unless you get what is called an SR-22, which is a certificate that allows you do drive even with suspended license if you agree to purchase proof of insurance. When faced with this probability, a judge may order that you enroll in defensive driving or face the suspension of your license.

People also enroll in driving school to lower their insurance premiums. This occurs again when they have been caught in a moving traffic violation. In many countries, a traffic ticket will result in one’s insurance premiums being hiked unless someone enrolls in driving school. This is one reason why even seasoned drivers can be seem filing into driving school. This is all part of proving their responsibility on the road and making a commitment to society that they intend to be safe drivers.

One other reason why people find themselves in driving schools is if they are first time drivers and they want to pass the driving test. When one applies for a driver’s license, they have to sit for an oral exam first. This mostly involves rudimentary knowledge of traffic signs and traffic lingo. After they pass this, then the Department of Public Safety administers the actual driving test where an official of the department sits with you in the same car and asks you to drive while he or she grades you. This can be an intimidating experience especially if it is one’s first time or when the tester requests one to do something which the driver is not thoroughly familiar.