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Seedbox hosting refers to the use of seedboxes as a great way of boosting the upload ratio on a private torrent tracker, improving the download speed or even avoiding lawsuits by the RIAA. Anyone who uses a private tracker should contact a seedbox hosting company and make full use of its seedboxes.

If you are such a user, you can opt to rent either a Linux or a Windows seedbox from any of the numerous sites that provide seedbox hosting services and plans you can choose from Kat. This will definitely provide you with an edge over shared torrent hosting or other torrent accounts. In other words, you will be able to seed your torrent even faster, and this is a huge plus for any private torrent tracker. Seedbox hosting packages include many other important and useful features, such as important files backup, offsite storage option or the RTorrent with ruTorrent GUI and full root access and FTP, for Linux users. In other words, you will be able to install your own server (if you feel the need to add a touch of your own style). Plus, you will also be provided with full control and complete root access.

If you are a Windows user, you can choose to rent a Windows seedbox package intended for either Windows XP, Windows 7 or Win 2003. In addition to these versions of Windows, you can also opt to upload your own ISO, for an even more personal and customized setup thehiltonian. You can also use torrent hosting and thus install uTorrent is you have bought a Windows seedbox package. Plus, you can also install other important software, due to the fact you are not limited to torrent clients. Each Windows seedbox enables its user to have full administrator rights and VNC for a quicker and easier setup.

An unmetered seedbox offers an unmetered bandwidth, it can be used for with both Linux and Windows, is offer the web reboot option and the web reinstall option. Plus, the unmetered seedbox can provide a 100 Mbit port, up to 500 Gb disk space and up to 2 GB RAM. Usually, most seedbox hosting doesn’t require any setup fees, and this is another great advantage of these services and packages they are renting.

When shopping for a regular or unmetered seedbox, you need to consider some main aspects, such as the presence of easy-to-use interfaces, the limited or unlimited data transfer, the storage capacity, the amount of resources being shared, the throughput limits or the presence or absence of powerful dedicated servers.