Electronic Company Formation – Freedom from Hassles

The process of submitting and receiving requests and acceptances for a company formation without the use of the paper form is known as electronic company formation. Under this process, one can incorporate a company in one day, sometimes even within a few hours. It has been observed that over eighty per cent of all the companies formed in the UK nowadays are done using electronic filing system.

By using the technology of electronic company formation facilities introduced by Companies House in the UK, one 公司秘書服務 can register a limited company in a few hours without incurring any additional transaction fees. This process of electronic company formation provides a breakthrough in terms of convenience and the time it takes to form a company in the traditional manner.

The reason why electronic company formation is easy and quick is the fact that most of the documentation involved in the traditional process is not relevant here. For example, the filing requirements such as forms 288a, 288b, 288c and the annual return process can be made simpler if the company is incorporated using the electronic filing system.

Under the electronic company formation system, company registration documents are submitted electronically, and that paves the way for a faster service and totally eliminates the necessity of lengthy paperwork, signatures etc. It also shortens the required time that used to make formation of a company in the UK or filing an annual return a big hassle.