No Ghouls or Ghosts Here, Just Us Energy Beings

Happy Halloween,

And welcome to the REAL energetic world!

No ghouls or ghosts here, just us energy beings…


No rattling bones, no ghoulish faces, no trick or treat bags and candy-caused tummy aches… just pure vibration and a variety of frequencies.

Sound bland and boring? I assure you – it is not.

If my experience is anything to go by, the energetic world is exciting and fast-paced… as thrilling as the latest, big screen action movie and full of challenges.


Right up ahead, there is a Halloween Party in full swing. Electric lights dim and flicker as lightening pierces the sky. Thunder crashes overhead. Candles illuminate frightening, carved pumpkin faces. Costumed guests mark time to a bone- jarring beat. The music is too loud to think. The pulse is intense, but do not worry, our focus is elsewhere. We are headed ‘there, but not there. That is the nature of the energetic world that is our goal.

Tonight we are going right into the middle of that chaotic scene to see beyond the dark night, the brooding storm, and the excited people. Our goal is to sense/feel the vibrations present and to learn about the real disembodied world.

What we discover when we open ourselves to really feel the space is that the energies there are disharmonious, unbalanced and askew. The place ‘feels’ awful.

We would prefer to turn and leave, but we stay as we are committed to the job. Not only is the climate, nasty, but there is an angst in the people; they feel sad, frustrated, almost angry, but their feelings are hidden just below the surface. And the politics of the crowd is off as well. A zoning issue before the local governing body has divided the strong female lead town, leaving hostile feelings that are barely being cloaked by attendance at this Halloween celebration. Also, unseen is the stirring of an ancient earthquake fault-line that runs directly under our Halloween party site. All those feelings, as well as the climatic and geological disturbances are reflected in the vibrations you feel as you enter this field or energetic space.

On the surface it appears we are about to party. And we may do just that, physically. But as newly enlisted ‘energy workers’ we have a job to do. We must attempt to balance the energies in that area or field. Hidden from the eye of those who cannot see or do not sense the misalignment present, we go to work. ‘Other’ dimensional’ energies come through our bodies as if they are conduits for the universe, as indeed they are. This ‘other dimensional’ energy pulsates out from our bodies effecting the three dimensional energies all around us until the disharmony is altered. The music may still sound the same, the wild dancing may look the same, but, if we are successful, within moments or hours, the atmosphere of the party and the place will feel different. The energy will have changed. The people present will feel calmer. The joy will be deeper and all who attended will depart feeling better than when they arrived.

We, our little band of energy workers, have consciously or unconsciously signed up for this unseen work. We are committed to making the changes on the planet positive ones. Our job tonight at this Halloween party is just one aspect of the invisible work we do. We are not ghosts, nor ghouls, nor aliens. We are real physical people, doing real non-physical energy work.