Medication Information – Albuterol Side Effects May Include dizziness

The use of herbal asthma remedies inhalers has been increasing for several years. Usage of Albuterol has also increased dramatically over the years. This has been attributed to the fact that Albuterol products are relatively inexpensive and they produce good results when used as directed. It has also been reported that there are few side effects of using Albuterol compared to other medicines available. The main problem with using Albuterol to treat asthma is the ability of this medication to reduce the cough reflex, thus allowing an increase in airway resistance. When this occurs, it allows the patient to suffer from shortness of breath and chest congestion.

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Albuterol is most commonly used to treat difficulty breathing, wheezing and shortness of breath caused by lung conditions Albuterol like asthma and COPD. It is also effective in treating temporary lung inflammation. Although it has not been reported that albuterol causes short-term or long term complications, some patients do experience slight stomach upset. This is usually temporary and there is no serious medical problem.

Albuterol comes in many different forms which can be applied to different situations and symptoms. Inhalers which contain butane are particularly useful for those who have breathing problems, especially when albuterol cannot be used due to an adverse reaction to the medicine. When using an inhaler containing butane, it is important to avoid activities that can cause a high level of heart rate such as driving or operating heavy machinery. If you have shortness of breath while taking Albuterol it is important to breathe deeply and slowly, and try to relax your muscles. Long and rapid breathing can increase the amount of medicine you take causing serious side effects.

People who suffer from dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, often find their symptoms get worse when they use the medicine. The reason for this is that Albuterol slows down the rate of salivation. As a result mouth dryness can occur, which leads to the loss of tooth enamel on the teeth and other dental problems. There are other types of albuterol side effects which include dizziness, trouble concentrating, reduced bowel control and irregular heartbeat.

A nebulizer is a small plastic appliance that is used in conjunction with an inhaler to provide an accelerated delivery of inhaled medication. An example of this type of product is the Advairics Albuterol Nasal Spray. It is useful for people who need to use a nebulizer to treat asthma or COPD. An example of an inhaler containing this medication is the Advairics Albuterol Low Dose inhaler. An alternative to nebulizers is the Albuterol Intravenous therapy, which is essentially a shot of medicine taken into the vein.

If you use albuterol inhalation therapy regularly for your asthma, you may find that it helps you to reduce the dosage required for each attack instead of increasing the dose as you would with other medications. In addition to reducing the need to increase the dose when you feel you are not able to breathe normally, patients who use the product frequently find that their need to use the product lessens over time. Of course, as long as the product is taken as directed you should not need to adjust the dose.