Top Sensual Massage Oils For Loving Relationships

Tantric massages are a wonderful way for a couple to relax and enjoy each others company during a quiet night in. Sensual massage oils can further entice and heighten your senses during a loving massage and can form a scent bond between a couple, which will last forever.

The tips below will explain the various types of massage oils that can be used for romantic sensual massages.

Massage in a Loving Relationship

Fewer things are more romantic or better at setting the mood for an intimate evening then a sensual massage shared in a loving relationship.

Firstly, Set the mood for your massage with candles, silky blankets, and lush pillows. Play some sensual music, and make some treats that contain natural aphrodisiacs.

Perhaps the most important part of a massage is choosing the right massage oil. There are oils that are unscented and are better suited for massaging injuries. However, for a sensual tantric massage, you will want something a little more delectable that is a scent that only you and your partner or lover share together.

Sensual Aromatherapy Oils :

Aromatherapy oils can be used for a wide range of massages, but some of them are especially useful in bringing out your sensual side. 

For instance, chocolate and rose scents are able to trigger the feelings that you first felt when you experienced that initial rush of falling in love.

Other oils are designed to trigger your pituitary gland and act as an aphrodisiac. These scents include;

  • jasmine
  • sage
  • patchouli
  • ylang ylang

Scents such as these can be used with your base massage oil for that ultimate turn on during a tantric massage. Try mixing various sensual massage oils to create a unique scent that is meant just for you and your lover.

Oils for Tantric Massage

Some sensual oils can be combined into a potent mixture that can be used to heighten the effects of a tantric massage. For example a mixture of erogenous and calming oils can be combined to give, not only an aphrodisiac effect, but a numbing and drowsy one as well, which can come close to putting you or your partner in a dreamlike state.

Jasmine is one of the scents responsible body to body massage for having an erogenous effect on the human psyche. Other scents that combine calming effects with those of a strong aphrodisiac include;

  • black pepper
  • ginger
  • fennel
  • geranium
  • juniper
  • pine
  • rosemary
  • and sandalwood

Recipes for Sensual Massage Oils

Making your own sensual massage is quite simple, just fill a small bottle with about 4 tablespoons of almond oil and then add a few drops of each scent. Two potent sensual oil combinations include:

1. For A Libido Boost combine your Almond Oil base with;

3 drops of black pepper oil;  4 drops of ginger oil and 3 drops of sandalwood.

2. To Help With Sexual Arousal Problems combine your Almond Oil base with ;

5 drops of rose and 4 drops of ylang ylang.

Sensual massage oils can add a whole new dimension to a tantric massage for loving couples. They can heighten your senses and lead to an intimate evening full of pleasure and fun. Certain oils can be used to produce a calming effect as well as for a natural aphrodisiac effect. Any sensual massage can be improved with the use of the right sensual massage oils.