Six Incredible Ways to Use Blogs to Make Money Online

Most people understand the basics of blogging but very few know how to use blogging to grow a good income online. That’s pretty sad really, given it’s really easy to make money from blogging. You could, for example:

* Keyword optimize your posts to attract search engines to index your blog and place you high in search engine returns postonmagazine.com. Search engines like Google love fresh web site content and blogs featuring regular new content which can find blogs ranking higher in search engine returns than conventional sites focusing on similar subjects.

* Unusual and cryptic blog posts encourage people to visit regularly to stay up-to-date with content. People are naturally very curious and will be keen to call back later to read answers to questions posted by themselves and fellow members or to check winning answers for a competition run recently at the blog. Regular visits grows traffic daily which gains credibility from search engines and lead to high search engine rankings.

* An online community, such as most blogging platforms provide, leads to people visiting regularly to communicate with friends and fellow members, making this a good way to generate clicks on AdSense and affiliate links featuring alongside other people’s posts.

* Outsiders can use other people’s blogs to offer advice and information to fellow members and to recommend products those people might choose to buy.

* Blog posts can be created purely to grow traffic to other sites, such as affiliate sites, and to generate incoming links and search engine traffic to those other sites. You could, for example, have a blog featuring recent news items from many different subject areas which link back to longer articles at individual niche subject blogs. So, for example, you might have blogs focusing on dogs, cats, air travel, helping children cope with bullying at school, and hundreds of different subjects. But you only need one blog to feature news items relating to all of those subjects where each one of those posts links directly to individual subject blogs.

* Blogs can be used short term for posts linked to current Google Hot Trends. Hot Trends are what the name implies and can involve many thousands of people searching daily for information which is currently in short supply. Once a trend grows hot the savvy blogger creates blogs featuring information about those hot new trends and monetises them with AdSense or affiliate products. Few advertisers might currently exist for recent hot trends making this a good time to use low cost AdWords to promote the new blog before other AdWords users jump on the bandwagon and send AdWords costs soaring. But that trend can be short term and generate interest and traffic for just a few days, or even just a few hours. This means it’s rarely a good idea to build and upload a conventional site to cash in on the current hot trend. That’s because new sites can take hours or even days to create and weeks or even months to be indexed by main search engines. But a blog is a different matter altogether, it can be created in minutes, and can begin generating traffic right away, either from using low cost pay per click ads. or by growing fast and free traffic from high traffic networking sites.