Three Tips on How to Quit Smoking for Good

There are many reasons to quit smoking. Those tips came to mind recently when a friend of mine told me she had COPA (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and she told me her doctor told her the most important step she could take for her condition was to quit smoking and live in a smoke free environment. The how to quit smoking was up to her but a smoke free environment was another matter. So I put together these three tips that I consider to be a way for everyone to quit smoking (I was a previous smoker).

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My number one tip is a form of goal setting. Actually create a date you will quit smoking, writing it down and telling someone will make you accountable to (be sure this person is strong) to that someone best smoke spots dust 2. This way you formalize your attempt to quit, none of us like to fail. And of course your accountability coach is paramount; this person will be your conscience. It may (and usually does) take several attempts, and with each attempt the odds of you being successful will increase, so do not give up. When you chose your date to quit smoking, be sure to make it when it is a date you usually have little to no stress. As we all know stress is a major roadblock to any behavioral change. OK, now go mark it on your calendar! This way as the date approaches you will stay mentally and emotionally focused on the date as a time for a new beginning and better health for you and those around you (second-hand smoke is very dangerous to you and yours).

Secondly go out and remove any triggers that have connected your brain to smoking. Everyone’s triggers are different. Some examples would be the smell of cigarette smoke, your morning coffee, a social gathering with alcohol, or maybe you spotting an ashtray how to make stone in little alchemy. Any of those triggers sound familiar to you, of course they do – they were my triggers! You might want to talk with your family about getting cigarettes, ashtrays, and lighters out of your house. Just remove anything that reminds you of smoking from your life (at least all that are practical). I assure this is no piece of cake, at first, it will be rough. About twenty-four hours after you quit you probably will feel miserable, but remember you are doing this for your health. You may feel hungry, anything to put in your hands you will want to put in your mouth but once you get by the first few days it does get better. I suggest you keep some sugar-free gum or hard candy in your pocket during this short-term fix (this is an addiction) when you grave a cigarette. Will someone explain to me why cigarettes are legal? They kill people!

Those of you who smoke cigarettes are simply addicted to nicotine (something nice that is conveniently ignored). From all that I have read and believe I have found that the nicotine in cigarettes is every bit as addictive as heroin or cocaine (both illegal). Guys s sometimes it may take a major catastrophe, such as a hospitalization, for you to be able to stop smoking and stay as ex-smokers (I hope you do not take it that far, my business partner took it that far and he is no longer with us, he left this world way too soon and he is sorely missed). While no two smokers are alike, attempting to quit smoking is guaranteed to increase your feelings of stress, your anxiety and depression. But you can quit.

The odds of you quitting cigarettes once and for all adds up in you favor over time. An example would be that each time you make the attempt (if you do not succeed the first time) the odds increase in your favor, like the fourth time you may have twenty per cent chance of really making it. So, please take my three tips to heart; set a date to stop, remove your triggers and get an understanding of why you smoke. Like it or not, you a nicotine addict! And as always you must live well to be well.

Smoking remains to be one of the hard habits to break for the modern individuals who are faced with everyday challenges and stress. Perhaps this is because smoking to some people is associated with stress relief, mood stimulant, diet suppressant or simply as a means of socialization. If a hypnotherapist is to look closely, it will be easy to spot that a high possibility is that these factors mentioned are mental, emotional and psychological in nature. Meaning people may be dependent on smoking because of emotional issues.

If these factors are to be considered, a hypnotherapist can effectively employ the method of hypnosis to work with the client in achieving smoking cessation efforts. Since smoking is an issue of dependence and a way to cope for some people, it needs to be approached not just for its physiologic outcomes, but more for its psychological implications. It is not new for hypnotherapists to hear people wanting to quit the habit, but remain trapped in it because of several failures with other quitting efforts in the past.

For people who have tried so many smoking quitting methods from cold turkey, cut down, pharmacological methods, nicotine replacement, cigarette substitute like e-cigarette, herb substitutes and smokeless tobaccos and vaporizers. This may have all failed because the approach used is to address the symptoms and the effects of smoking. Hypnosis may be a better way to advance in the objective of smoking cessation and to address the psychological aspects of the habit, which is the primary factor responsible for keeping people hooked up with smoking. Hypnosis for smoking is so far the best method in addressing the psychological aspect of this issue of dependency.

Some of the popular psychological hypnotherapist approaches include: aversion therapy using mild shock tactics, which may be rather too aggressive; acupuncture through stimulation of the pressure points, behavioral therapy and now, hypnosis for smoking.

Hypnotherapy has steadily earned its popularity in smoking cessation because of the positive outcomes from clients. But, how does it really work?

Hypnosis is the method used by a hypnotherapist to work with the subconscious mind of a client, one of which is through the Spiegel’s method. In this method the client will be asked to focus on three main concepts which are: 1) cigarette contains nicotine, which is poison to the body; 2) the body needs to be alive and 3) to be able to live, a person needs to respect and protect the body against any harm. Self hypnosis can be performed by an individual constantly throughout the day by reminding themselves of the three concepts. It is the objective of this method to motivate the client to refrain from smoking.