How to Become a Professional Drafter

Becoming a drafter can be a fairly involved process depending on what your current experience is with the tools and software that you will be using a on a regular basis. Your current level of education will have a direct impact on your path to becoming a drafter as well. To give you a better idea about what it takes to become a drafter, here is a quick overview of the standard qualifications, skills, and education that you will most likely need.


While a college education isn’t necessarily a prerequisite, it is highly recommended. Not only will this give you the additional hands-on training with the tools and software that you will need to use, but it will also boost your introductory pay rate. Companies will almost always opt for someone with a college degree because drafting is a precision job. Throughout your education, you will not only learn how to use a variety of CAD systems, but also geometry, basic engineering, physics, and much more.

You can get the necessary education from a community college, 4 year college, 4 year university, or a technical institute. Along with your education, it is also important that you become certified through the ADDA or American Design Drafting Association. This will prove to potential employers that you have a firm understanding of best practices which have been created and tested on a nationwide scale.

Career Prospects

Once you have completed your education, it is time to start looking into career prospects. In order to maximize your potential, having a strong portfolio that showcases your abilities with CAD systems should be considered paramount. For the most part, open positions will come from companies who are replacing previous positions that have become vacant because of retirement, transfers, and related reasons. In total, the expected growth rate in the field of drafting is only around 6%, however using your drafting skills to become a freelance CAD designer can definitely be a realistic option.

Where to Find Your First Drafting Job

Obviously, getting the right education isn’t enough. You cannot claim to be a drafter until you have found Daftar 4D employment as one. That means that when you are planning how to be a drafter, you need to create a plan for finding open positions as well.

Because a majority of large companies have gone online to find prospective employees, it should be no surprise that you will likely find your new online. This could be from a a CAD or drafting specific employment website or a more general job opening aggregator. Additionally, the more flexible you are in terms of relocating, the more opportunities you will see.

How to Become a Drafter

In short there are three steps to becoming a drafter. The first is to get the proper education. This will include a strong background in mathematics, physics, and engineering. It will also include learning how to use a variety of unique CAD systems. Once you have completed you education, you will need to become ADDA certified. Finally, you will need to discover the best places to find job opening within the drafting field