Bar X Fruit Machine

The Bar X slot machine is a piece of British culture that has finally made its way into online casinos. Electrocoin first introduced it to British pubs and amusement arcades in the 1960s. Many Brits have fond memories of playing it on visits to seaside amusement piers in places like Brighton and Blackpool.

An online version of the iconic gaming device is now available online. The Bar X is a classic three reeled British slot machine and therefore one of the simplest and easiest to play of fruit machines BandarQ. The online version is also very easy to play but like the classic fruit machine it’s a lot of fun.

Like many 3 reel fruit machines and slots, the jackpot amounts are paid frequently because they jackpot prize is achievable. When playing online, the jackpot ranges from x10 to x50 your stake. The only winning features on this slot are three X’s which pays the lower prize, and three Bar’s which pays the jackpot. Some versions of the traditional slot also had a repeat chance feature, although this has not been continued online.

The Bar X would be a great game for beginners who aren’t that familiar with online gambling to start out with. It’s simple, easy to play and most people are familiar with its operation from amusement arcades and pubs. Older Brits who remember it will also enjoy playing this one.

It’d also be a great online fruit to play around with if you have a few minutes of time to kill. It won’t absorb your attention or take too long to play so it would be a good one to play on your laptop while you’re on the train or the bus. It’d also be good for a short flight on an airplane or a trip on the ferry.

One of the best features of the Bar X online slot is the nudges and holds that are common amongst UK style machines. The holds and nudges give you extra chances to win, and add excitement to the game.

Like the classic version you’re probably familiar with the online variation is a one play three reel game. It shouldn’t be too hard to play and it isn’t all that engrossing so people familiar with more elaborate online fruits like the Elvis Multi-Strike might not like it very much. However, despite the lack of features often associated with online fruit machines, Bar X is still one of the most popular games around thanks to it’s simplicity and rewarding payouts.

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