How to Get New Blog Post Ideas

Everyone seems to have lots of things to write about in the beginning stages of a blog or web site, but at some point in time you just seem to either run out of ideas or lose interest. I put together this list of ways to generate new ideas for your blog or web site so you could have a never ending river of ideas at your fingertips!

Social Media Web Sites: Social media web sites are a great place to come up with new blog post ideas since what’s popular is usually very interesting! You could spend hours and hours trolling sites like digg and del.icio.us for new content – but I prefer sites like popurls that aggregate the top stories from all the social media outlets Sherry dyson, in addition to video and traditional news sources. As a bonus, whatever is hot in social media is usually most searched for as well!

RSS Readers: If you subscribe to a hundred of your favorite feeds in Google Reader or bloglines – then it’s not hard to get post ideas in a jiffy each and every day. Just glance through a dozen or so blogs and you’ll have a new blog post idea in no time.

Groups: I haven’t used newsgroups in years, but something that’s still alive are the email based “list” type groups. The major ones are at Google Groups, and Yahoo Groups. Just search for a group with a topic or interest you might like, such as gardening, jokes, crafts, auto repair, etc. Sign up for the group, and once you start getting posts you’ll start getting ideas! If you’re a techie, Google has a webmasters group with a never ending supply of questions, answers, and ideas.

Magazines and Catalogs: I get a lot of post ideas from snail mail believe it or not. I have blogs in topics I have interests in like technology, gadgets, and music. I get catalogs and magazines in the mail like guitar magazines, CompUSA catalogs, and even newspaper ads from Best Buy and Radio Shack. If something catches my eye – I blog about it. I purposely sign up for free catalogs in the same interests as my blogs to have a constant stream of potential ideas. I stack them up at the edge of my desk and go through them whenever I need to.

Ask for Guest Posters: Some of the most successful blogs are run and owned by multiple authors. If you are in need of new ideas and quality content, why not solicit guest authors? Add a form to your site and specifically ask for new ideas and guest posters. You could even contact your favorite blog authors and outright ask them to guest post on your site!

Forums: Forums are an endless source of questions and answers. Some discussion threads can go on for pages and pages, and it’s always interesting to see the different insights of everyone that throws their thoughts into the ring. Forums can be a great source of blog post ideas.

Experience: Make a list of things that you are good at writing about. Do you like reading books? Are you good at fixing cars? Can you cook? Do you draw? Do you like fashion? Every single thing you have expertise and experience in is excellent fodder for blog posts!

Solving Problems: If you’re a blogger and you write online, you have encountered all kinds of things you could already have written a blog post about. How to pick a good theme, how to add adsense, the pros and cons of Amazon Associates, how to outsource certain web site work. It doesn’t even have to be online, sometimes I blog about problems I solve in real life, like how I fixed my laptop, how to find the best doctor, or the easiest way to get pen and pencil marks off a painted wall. If you made a list of all the daily problems in life you solved – you’d have a never ending supply of blog post ideas for sure!