Video Game Controllers

Video Game controllers have advanced tremendously over the years to keep up with spectacular abilities of new games on the market F95ZONE. Serious and novice gamers alike know that to fully enjoy all the capabilities of newer games, it takes a controller that can handle all the functions available in a game. In fact, certain types of game controllers are better for certain types of games and often gamers will have more than one controller on hand so that they can experience the best of what a game has to offer.

No doubt playing a computer game with a keyboard is slow and quite frankly, it lacks the thrill of using a game controller. Why? There is a big difference between pounding on keys and holding a controller in your hands pushing buttons. Even the most common styles of multipurpose game controllers that you hold with both hands add a degree of lifelike simulation to playing. Keyboards do not give you that feeling because you are not holding it, you are merely hitting keys.

Many of the two handed multipurpose controllers are shaped like an upside down “U” and you clutch each end with one hand. Holding the controls in this manner produces a feeling of being more in control of your actual game interaction; more as if you are actually navigating your way through a game’s scenery. These types of game controllers can be used with nearly any PC game.

Of course with any type of technological equipment there are always “basic” and “pro” versions with a wide range of models in-between. The buttons on the common multipurpose game controller pads will change actions according to what game you are playing–meaning that a button used to release bombs in one game may be used to jump in another. Some of the more elaborate models include extra buttons on the device that allow for user programing of extra functions in some games (provided the game also allows a few “hotkeys” to be input by the user).

Though you can use most basic PC game controllers to play most games, there is good reason to buy the best game pad you can with the money you have to spend. This is one time when skimping on a device is not a good idea. The more functionality you have with a controller, the more likely it is that it will keep up with new games being produced that require and rely on more and more controller ability to completely enjoy all the satisfying features of a game.