Blogging as a Communication and Interaction Tool for Companies

Blogging has become a well-known platform on the internet for webmasters or rather, bloggers to interact with visitors and readers of their site. Blogs are used for personal rants on one’s life by the bored blogging housewife to citizens not content with a nation’s politics Sherry Dyson.

The blog platforms is popular because the blogger finds it easy to post articles to blogs without having to build an entire website and blog visitors can easily comment on any articles written by the blogger right away. This makes a blog the perfect medium for interaction between the blog owner and the readers. The key to blogging is instant interaction, something that the old media of television and printed newspaper could not provide before.

Blogs have increasingly been used as a communication tool for businesses, whether by purely online businesses involved in internet marketing or by offline businesses seeking their way to interact more with their clients, customers and employees via the net.

Corporate blogs have been used by firms for announcing the latest product launch, research or news on the company. Blogging used for public relations and marketing has become common for companies wanting to establish themselves on the internet. Clients and employees of blogs owned by small and large corporations visit their company’s blog daily to catch up on news and trends.

Recent technology in blogging has enabled blogs to include not only pictures but videos in the blog postings. This was unheard of before in public communities such as forums and message boards, hence blogging has overtaken the popularity of forums and even online chatting.