How To Do Email Marketing Like The Pros

An email autoresponder system is an important tool for effective email marketing. It gathers and organises the email information of your prospects and helps you to stay in touch with your subscribers on a regular basis.

There are two ways you can keep in contact with the people who are on your email list. You can set up a sequence of follow up emails that are emailed out on auto-pilot over a set time period as soon as somebody has opted into your list GoDaddy email login. Or, you can send out a broadcast email where the same message is sent out to all of your subscribers at the same time, irrespective of when they signed up.

Your follow-up email marketing campaign is a sequence of emails that you have prepared and entered into your autoresponder. Your autoresponder automatically sends out the emails every time somebody opts into your list.

Statistically, it takes an average of 7 emails before most subscribers will take any action. A successful email campaign comes from delivering value and developing a relationship with new subscribers as quickly as possible. Your first follow-up email should be warm and friendly welcome message. You want to say thank you to the person who has signing up. If you offered a free report or gift in exchange for their email address, make sure you provide it in that first email.

Include some special perks in your regular follow up emails. These could be a free video tutorial on a relevant subject or an exclusive report. Don’t just constantly send out sales messages. When you pre-load your autoresponder with a series of beneficial emails, your subscribers will want to know more from you and will look forward to receiving your next message.