How to Draw Cartoons for Kids – Simple Techniques and Methods

If you love to teach kids or you want to draw for them, learning a few basics on how to draw cartoons for kids can be of good help to allow you to draw effective and appealing cartoons. Children do love cartoons, in fact, it has become a good medium to make them learn easily.

Whether you are a teacher, or someone finding a way to teach your kids in a creative and appealing way, here are a few things that you might find helpful on how to draw cartoons for kids and also pique their interest

Start with basic shapes. Especially if you are drawing with the kids and they are observing your actions, you can make it simpler and easy for them to follow if you start with basic KissCartoon shapes. This will help them associate your drawings to basic shapes that are easy to learn and familiar for kids as well.

Among the easiest ways on how to draw for kids is to use the stick method. By looking at it alone, drawing stick figures is quite easy to learn, for both you and the kids. If you intend to also teach the kids while showing them how to make cartoons, stick figures can be a good method.

Aside from being an easy method to draw cartoons, it is also easy to make a comic strip out of stick figures, thus you can actually tell a story out of it. You can also add more details to your stick figures to make an original character and add attitude to your figures. Although you can leave the stick figure with just the stick body and the head, you can also add clothes, or put in big eyes, hair, as well as some accessories that you may want to add to make your character.

To learn how to draw cartoons for kids, you don’t need to make your cartoons look perfect. In fact, professional cartoonists are even making their cartoons look like being drawn by a child.

Another method that you can use in learning how to draw cartoons for kids is to use a combination of sticks and ovals. Of course, you can use ovals for the head, the hands and the feet and use sticks on the body and the arms and legs. You can also use oval for the body as well and use sticks for the arms and legs – there are actually a lot of options.

If you have mastered to draw your character and you have piqued the interests of the kids, you can then move on into learning how you make your cartoons walk, move, run and many other actions that you will use. Keep in mind that there are also techniques being used in making your drawings look like they are moving while keeping their balance.