An Overview of Food Court Management Software

It is not easy to manage a Food Court where hundreds of employees serve thousands of people everyday with different cuisine and delicious tastes. People over there in hi-tech malls and food court merely prefer a completely modernized ambiance and systematic approach. Food Court management software not only makes the administration easy but also streamlines the business successfully.

Features: Most of the food court management software are featured with taking the order for kitchen according with dine in, take away and home delivery, employees with terminal access, measurements and toppings, tables and rooms, menus and items, payment options, billing, and customer details.

The administrator can access the software or system with extreme friendliness as these systems are available with touchscreen options too catering hk. The software is usually supplied to the food court after completely customization with clients requirements.

Functionality: When a person enters restaurant, the table-man takes the order in his PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) which is then notified in the kitchen. Once the items are ready, it is then supplied for dine in or it is sent for take away. Home delivery can be made through just a call. Finally the person leaves the restaurant with the bill in a printed format.

Other than this lot more functionality are there depending upon the profile of the restaurant. The manager can study the business well by closely analyzing the hot sales and customer tastes from hour to hour.

Customers can be served faster and orders can be processed from any terminal using wireless handhelds too.The best and the worst selling products can be tracked, one time and the loyalty customers can be identified and the hot selling terminal can be rewarded. Stock levels, pricing updation, old stocks and new stocks are all can be viewed from electronic chart with graphs.

Today fine dining restaurant, food outlet, hotels, cafe and bar uses the restaurant pos with client server architecture as well as internet-based which eventually improves customer service, controls price and hikes the overall performance of the Enterprise.

It must be noted that the software is not for billing alone, apart from that various functions are there which is hectic task for an accountant, administrator or a manager to calculate, maintain and backup invests, sales and profit. But this restaurant based POS (Point Of Sale) not only makes their task easier but also leaves the customer happier.

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