Know Everything About Ice Hockey Kits

Ice hockey is an extremely popular sport in the US and Canada. Recently, this game is getting immensely popular in countries like the UK too. It is observed that there are an increasing number of ice rinks in the UK that are opening their doors to ice hockey teams so that they can train and practice their skills. In other words, it means that more and more people are able to practice their skills and develop a liking for this game.

The most prominent and famous images are the fight scenes that regularly occur in these games. When a fight occurs, the game is put on hold whilst two or more players have a punch up. The ice hockey game is considered as one of the more dangerous games that one could participate in.

This is one major reason why Ice Hockey players who play the game need to protect themselves as best as they can. The most successful way of doing this is to buy ice hockey equipment that protects against the roughness of the sport.

This is a game where the puck can reach speeds of 100mph and players put their entire momentum behind speeding around the ring. The equipment that looks after the safety of players has never been more important.

Almost all ice hockey players wear protective kits. It is observed that the most important parts of the body are protected by this kit. The most prominent piece of equipment is the helmet. The ice hockey helmet protects the head from any serious injury that can occur from a stray hockey stick. The most vital aspect of these equipments is that it not only protects the player but it is also designed to improve the player’s performance.

It is observed that a typical player will wear skates, shoulder pads, gloves, shin pads, elbow pads, mouth guards, neck guard and a chest protector. Apart from protecting the body from impact and damage, these items are designed in a manner so that they do not interfere with the ability of the player to perform his/her duties for the team.

The neck guard allows for unrestricted movement so that the player can move freely on ice and at the same time feel protected. The goalkeeper generally wears the more rigid forms of protection as he/she does not require as much movement as the outfield players.

Goal keepers or goal tenders have a stick different from the players that play in the outfield. The main difference between their sticks is that the goal tender has a larger paddle section on the stick which helps in protecting the goal more efficiently.

The goal keeper wears shorter, stouter skates that are closer to the ice. The flatter style of skate makes it easier for the goal keeper to move laterally. It helps the goal keeper to move and prevent the opposing team from scoring. The goal tender usually wears more protection on the front half of the body. This helps in ensuring that if they are struck with the ball they are less likely to be hurt.