Deputy Exam

If you really want to become a sheriff’s deputy, you’re not alone. It’s a rewarding occupation with great benefits. But there are a few things you need to know. One of the essential requisites before you can enter the sheriff’s department is passing the Deputy Exam. There is really no way to get around it, pass the test or you’re not in CISM exam.

The selection process for a sheriff or a deputy requires the taking of a polygraph test, psychological test, oral board review, physical assessment test and background check. In order to make it as a deputy you must first pass the written phase of the deputy exam such as memory recall, directional map reading, math, judgment and reasoning and reading comprehension.

Do not be fooled into believing that the exams are easy. It is hard and most people fail it out of sheer arrogance or failing to properly prepare for it. Taking the deputy exam is important for those who intend to make it into a serious profession. In fact, it is vital that you get a satisfactory score in your entrance exam as this will affect your future as a police officer.

One of the qualities that a police officer must have is being keen to details or becoming more observant to facts. It is not enough that you have the academic prowess. It is also crucial for one to improve on his memory skills. Other areas that you will be tested in are your essay writing skills and interview skills so it is also important to brush up on your communication abilities as well.