Is a Brow Lift or A Blepharoplasty Procedure Better For Sagging Eyelids?

Blepharoplasty is merely eyelid surgery that is performed successfully hundreds of thousands of times each year around the world. This surgical procedure takes away excess folds of skin in the upper eyelids and removes pouches under the eyes (the lower eyelids). The eyes are the window to the soul, and they are the second most important facial feature that people look at when they are deciding how aesthetically pleasing another human being is. Like deep dark “raccoon-like” circles beneath the eyes, sagging eyelids, which may result from less-than-ideal genes or simply from the pull of gravity through the decades, are viewed as indicating that someone is experiencing a lack of sleep or, worse, that they are becoming “old and tired” (which is not exactly the sexiest or most beautiful look in the world in the view of most people).

People with energetic and youthful looking eyes tend to be perceived as not just younger (an obsession in our culture today), but also as fitter, healthier, sexier, and possessed of greater energy contour rx review. This is why even when a young adult person hasn’t been sleeping well for just a couple of nights, their eyes show it: our eyes are just that expressive. Nobody wants to look older than their true count of years (and many people want to look much younger than their true count of years), and no-one wants to appear to lack energy or to be perpetually tired. For many, many adults, the undergoing the procedure of blepharoplasty seems to be the best method for returning to a better-looking appearance without the unappealing look of saggy eyelids.

However, a lot of surgeons are recommending brow lifts instead of blepharoplasty for correcting the condition of sagging eyelids, especially when that condition is caused by ageing. This is due to the fact that the eyebrows of men and women are “supposed to be” shaped in a particular way for optimal aesthetic and sexual attractiveness, and the combination of brow and the eye together makes a strong impression. But, many surgeons agree the brow lift is terribly overdone. How many people, especially celebrities, who have obviously have these brow lifts done, have you seen who look perpetually shocked, as if they have just done something totally embarrassing or have just now survived some harrowing ordeal?

When a skilled and knowledgeable surgeon is performing blepharoplasty, he does take into account the shape of the brow of his patient, because men and women actually have dramatically different ideal eyebrow shapes. Female eyebrows that are deemed the most beautiful, for instance, can be described as initially club-shaped but then coming to an arched point in relationship to an imaginary vertical line that would appear (if it existed) be coming down from the woman’s outer iris. Attractive male eyebrows are expected to be straighter so as to give the impression of strength and intelligence. As aging happens in humans, the muscles that are holding up the eyebrows tend to grow weak with the wear and tear of life, and therefore the eyebrows may fall somewhat, no longer being “ideal”.

The surgery called blepharoplasty can be completed on both the upper and the lower eyelids. If you are having upper eyelid surgery, the surgeon removes excess skin and fat by making an incision along the eyelid crease. Because the incision and stitches are in the eyelid crease, they are barely visible and will probably fade over time.

Lower lid surgery is done to remove the bags under your eyes. The incision can actually be made either on the inside or outside of the eyelid. If the incision is made on the outside, it is right below the eyelash line and practically invisible. Either incision option will leave minimal scarring. You should talk with your doctor to determine which type of incision is best for your eye.