No! No! Professional Hair Removal Treatment

Have you wondered if there is an easy way to get rid of it? Well, you can remove unwanted hair with an electric razor, manual razor, hair depilatory, waxing, electrolysis, toxic creams, or you can use the revolutionary,safe, and painless no!no! Professional Hair Removal Treatment System.

no!no! Hair is something completely new and it is different from every other hair removal product on the market today, because it uses something called Thermicon technology to remove hair dermes 價錢. no!no! uses a secured thermodynamic wire to transmit gentle heat to the hair and it has safety mechanisms built into each unit making it suitable for home use.

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Thermicon is based on the thermic principle of the transference of heat. A mild pulsation of heat is carried down the hair follicle. The hair is then divided close to the skin as the signal proceeds to move down into the follicle where hair growth occurs. The more often this happens, the more effective the treatment is.

Even though the Thermicon process happens almost at the same time, the effect on the hair follicle is in three distinct phases- First Contact, Crystallization, and Disruption. In the first stage, the thermal wire from the Thermicon Tip touches the hair, singes it, and removes it very close to the skin. It is at this point that the thermal signal is at its strongest. In the second stage, crystallization takes place. In this stage the thermal signal crystallizes the upmost part of the hair in the follicle and can briefly leave some coarse remaining hair that can feel somewhat prickly to the touch. In the final stage of the Thermicon process, known as disruption, the thermal signal proceeds down the follicle and into the root, disrupting cell communication that is believed to be responsible for hair growth.

Thermicon is a heat based technology, and uses no light. Many technologies, such as Lasers and IPL depend on light and the heat that light gives to remove hair. The light that is used by those two procedures is attracted to the pigments in the hair follicle. Grey, light, and white hair does not have melanin and is difficult to treat, because it may not be impacted at all by the light’s application. With darker skin tones, the difference between the melanin in the hair and melanin in the skin may not be sufficient to effectively and safely remove hair without damaging or burning the skin. no!no! Gets around these problems by utilizing Thermicon technology. There is no radiation involved and it can be used on any color skin and on every hair type. It can be used safely and effectively by everyone and removes unsightly hair from the face, legs, and arms without any pain, and it slows down hair regrowth up to 94%.

no!no! comes in a pretty silver color, has a slim design that is easy to hold in one hand, and easily glides over hair. The kit includes the no!no! hand-held device, buffer, power supply, cleaning brush, Thermicon Tip, and a user manual on CD.

I first used the no!no! Hair Removal System on my arms and even though I do not have much hair on my arms, that is where I wanted to try it first. When I glided the device over one of my arms it felt warm and I smelled the hair being singed as it was being removed. At first I really did not like the smell of singed hair, but I knew that it was part of the Thermicon process and was necessary. I had to buff my arms afterward, to remove the crystallized hair. I used no!no! a second time, because I wanted to experience the lasting effects that it provides, which is no hair growth for a long time.