What Your Child Needs to Know Before He or She Starts Kindergarten

Many parents worry about the readiness of their child to start kindergarten. Kindergarten starts an educational process for most children and can be a crucial time. While kindergarten is a beginning of sorts to a lifetime of formal education, there are several things that should be learned at home before your child starts off to his or her kindergarten class. Here is a list of some of the basic things that you should teach your child before he or she has their first day of school to make sure that the educational process will be successful.

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· One of the most important things that your child needs to know before they start kindergarten is the basic rules of safety 土瓜灣 k2. Not only does he or she needs to know basic safety rules such as how to use a crosswalk and the importance of looking both ways for traffic, it’s becoming more and more important to teach your child about personal safety. Unfortunately, children need to know about avoiding strangers and the difference between positive touch and inappropriate touch.

· Many children don’t have much of an opportunity to interact with other children their age before they start their education. Teaching your child about sharing his or her toys, saying thank you and please, and basic rules of social interactions can help to make the transition easier. Your child should know that it’s not appropriate to hit or bite other children, and what to do if they are hit or bitten by another child.

· Your child should know some of the basic skills of self-sufficiency before they start kindergarten. Potty training should be complete and your child should know to ask to go to the bathroom. He or she should know their own name, phone number, and address, and should be able to recognize their own belongings such as a backpack, lunchbox, crayons, and other school supplies. He or she should be able to tie their shoes, and put on their coat, gloves, and scarves.